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New Updates And Improvements

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New Updates And Improvements Empty New Updates And Improvements

Post by Ape September 15th 2021, 2:18 pm

  New Updates And Improvements

Dear Users,

We are proud to announce some other great new updates and Improvements  :party: 

New Updates And Improvements N117 Members list sort by point's.

Now you can sort your members list out by the number of points they have, All you need to do is click on the dropdown menu and scroll to points then press your ok button. This was just a little Improvement to the members list.

New Updates And Improvements Fm_poi10

If you customized the memberlist_body template before this update, please make the following Templates change, choosing your forum version from the list below.







New Updates And Improvements N218 Maximum number of characters allowed in signatures.

Admin Control Panel settings:
Administration control Panel Blue Arrow  Messages & Emails Blue Arrow Configuration  Blue Arrow
The old limit was set to 1000 Characters with spaces but we have now change it to maximum of 2048 
New Updates And Improvements Limits10

So the difference with previous operation mode is that Admin's can now fix the maximum. 
You  can even go below 1000 and all existing signatures will not be cut but by the edition the new limit will be of course applied.

New Updates And Improvements N317  Maximum number of Characters in Rank Title's

We have changed the number of characters you can use in your rank titles it is now 255 characters (Including spaces)

New Updates And Improvements N412 Maximum number of polls has now changed

The choice options in polls has been changed  to 100. This is useful for forums that run lots of contests.

New Updates And Improvements N512 Sorting of special ranks (with arrows)

Admin's can now change the ranks with a move up and down arrow system.
New Updates And Improvements Ranks-11

We hope you like our new updates and Improvements 

 See you soon with some more updates soon.

The Forumotion Team  king 

New Updates And Improvements Left1212New Updates And Improvements Center11New Updates And Improvements Right112
New Updates And Improvements Ape_b110
New Updates And Improvements Ape1010

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