Stenophoria: The Ethereal Realm of Shorthand

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Re: Stenophoria: The Ethereal Realm of Shorthand

Post by DreamScar01 on April 16th 2008, 5:25 am

1. Category: Hobbies, occupation (I don’t know exactly where my forum’s category would fall – but Hobbies is my first impulse.)

2. Stenophoria
(Or: Stenophoria: The Ethereal Realm of Shorthand) I don’t mind either title – whichever the administrators decide.


4. English

5. Screenshot:

Content: This is a forum dedicated to discussing shorthand or stenography – the process of learning, improving techniques and speed, problems encountered with learning shorthand or just being a stenographist. My aim is to create a community where those who study shorthand – no matter which kind – to have a forum to just talk about it. I know that it is kind of a dying thing in this world today but here people can come and revive and inspire others to carry on and keep learning. The theme is kind of set up like a kingdom or another realm of fantasy et cetera.
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