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[Tutorial] Hide or show signature in posts

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[Tutorial] Hide or show signature in posts Empty [Tutorial] Hide or show signature in posts

Post by كونان2000 March 5th 2022, 5:39 pm

Hide or show signatures in posts

[Tutorial] Hide or show signature in posts Frorum10

Hello everyone

I came up with the idea for this tutorial from this suggestion Signature Options for Members

This next tutorial will help you get users and guests to choose to hide or show signatures in posts,


1: This modification applies as long as your templates are not significantly modified.
2: This trick uses the browser's local storage function
3: Signatures will appear if you clear your browser's cache/cookies or use another browser.


phpBB2 phpBB3 PunBB Invision ModernBB



I hope you will love this cute trick ◔◡◔


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