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Refused suggestions

Post by Tristou on December 14th 2006, 3:23 pm

In this topic are mentionned the suggestions the technicians refused.
If they do, it's because it's technically not possible or for security reason,

But don't hesitate to propose other suggestions Wink

The refused suggestions are locked to differ from the accepted and the probable sugegstions

Arrow Added script section
Arrow some good feature for admin and mod
Arrow Private forums, everyone can post, only admin / selected vie
Arrow Points
Arrow Sig Space increase!!!
Arrow Radio section more
Arrow Permissions
Arrow A whole bunch Of new Features
Arrow hide/reply option instead of spoiler
Arrow ADR battle system
Arrow please add hide hack function in menu
Arrow Header links
Arrow a developed version with many hacks and styles
Arrow Minimum post
Arrow Html banners
Arrow User Notes
Arrow user can comment to other users
Arrow Smilies
Arrow Global Announcements
Arrow Arcade
Arrow Installation
Arrow Give credit for making money
Arrow Reward points
Arrow Multiple ChatBoxes
Arrow Character Limit in Signature
Arrow mr.thank you
Arrow report people in the chat box
Arrow New Members can't Open a New Topic
Arrow Duplicate Topic Option
Arrow Spam and thanksss buttons
Arrow Chat box have its own page!
Arrow Global Moderators
Arrow multiple category stripts
Arrow Able to add databases
Arrow Signing Up With the same IP address.
Arrow Automaticly Post Updater Ranks
Arrow PMing Idea
Arrow A "New Posts" Section
Arrow ChatBox Banning and Moderating
Arrow Images in Forum Discription
Arrow Advanced Mod Permissions
Arrow Other Image Hosts
Arrow Own Avatar Deletetion
Arrow Combine Moderator Actions
Arrow IP Information
Arrow Do you think it would be good to have a "Tell a Friend&
Arrow No Activation Option on your forum?
Arrow Added script section
Arrow random quote and reviews
Arrow Seperating Topics & Posts In Who's Online
Arrow More Add-Ons For our Edit-Boards
Arrow Hiding Navigation Bar Buttons

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