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Reporting Froms

Post by ArticBlue on April 29th 2008, 6:46 pm

Dear, Reader Hello

Well.. Ive my forum, there is it 3 Reporting places .

-Report Player
-Report GM
-Report Bugs

The point with the reporting with player & gm is: The members will not be shown , or read topics .
So if it was a form we could add with question and a text field they could use under, and it would be automaticlly added to the forum, just read by Administrators // Moderators .

And, Ive a Application place in my forum too .
The members / players have to make an applicaton to be a GM [GameMaster] and answer MY questions .
Then it would be much easier if they had a "Read question & answer in text field" . When they press: OK / Send *Whatever*
It comes out with a new topic named GM Applicaton, With the text centred, Bolt in questions and Italic with questions .

The question is:
Is this a function I'm unknown with ?
Or is this a thing to have on our forums ?

Thanks for reading Very good
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Re: Reporting Froms

Post by Jophy on March 26th 2013, 3:48 pm

Suggestion Clean up

-> Old suggestions(Please feel to create a new thread for the garbaged old suggestions)
-> Implemented suggestions
-> Suggestion which are currently suggested (Please use the SEARCH function)
-> Unclear Suggestions

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