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changing font color in portal:how do you?

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changing font color in portal:how do you? Empty changing font color in portal:how do you?

Post by Sat 17 May 2008, 04:35

The font color for the forum titles is now black on the index page...but they're STILL white on the portal.
How(Where)do i change those to black like they are on the index page?
White on the silver background is hard to see.
and at the bottom of the index page when you go to post it's still white on silver there.
Was wondering;is there a time difference here.I noticed that there wasn't really any support around earlier today and a few ppl now.
A lot of the questions seem to be left unanswered for a considerable period of time.
Maybe there's a time difference?
I like these boards better than the board we came from;but i will say this for our old runboard.As lame as some of the features were the support was always right on the ball.
Sorry.It was a very close community.

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