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The Hogwarts Experience

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The Hogwarts Experience Empty The Hogwarts Experience

Post by elfie January 10th 2007, 7:53 pm

The Hogwarts Experience

The Hogwarts Experience Headerzy7

Forum's Main Theme
The Hogwarts Experience hosts a wide range of themes and discussions, yet it focuses hugely upon the world of Harry Potter

Arts and Literature
(although there is some RPG - this is not an RPG based site)

Main Language: English
Language translator avaliable

Elfie Dumbledore

Duck the duck

Main Moderators
Duck the duck, MarieC, Running_swift, LilyFlower, Severus Snape, Etta, Mcfly_42, Fated4HP

Other Staff
Amberg93, Raistlin the Wizard, Waterlily, Snapes_girl, Life_is_42

The Hogwarts Experience Categories

A basic overview of the site
Hogwarts Experience
Arrow Rules and Site Guides
Arrow Introductions
Arrow Sorting Hat (into houses) and house lists
Arrow Questions and Suggestions
Arrow Notice Board for regular site updates
Arrow Link Exchange for HE related pages
Arrow Member achievements

Arrow Ancient Runes, Arithmancy, Art drama and creative writing, astronomy, care of magical creatures, charms, defense against the dark arts, divination, flying lessons, herbology, history of magic, muggle stidies, potions, Supernatural and Paranormal Studies, transfiguration
Arrow Extra Credit Library and Challenge Chamber

Arrow OWL's, NEWT's, Apparition tests, Occulmancy, Animagus Training (all avaliable for certain levels)

Hogwarts Towers
Arrow The four houses (groups)
Arrow Housepoints forum
Arrow Professors and prefects rooms
Arrow Special events forum

Hogwarts Grounds
Arrow RPG Quidditch forums
Arrow Character pairing discussions

Rooms of Requirement
Arrow Great Hall for special evens and RPG subforum
Arrow Duelling forum
Arrow Debate forum

Mix and Mingle
Arrow Harry Potter book discussion
Arrow Harry potter film discussion
Arrow Promotion of websites (certain level and up)
Arrow Community forum for all different discussions including movies, books, chitchat, graphics, fanfiction, music etc
Arrow Games forum
Arrow Beauxbatons and Durmstrang Exchange (language forum)

Forbidden Forest
Arrow Dead threads forum
Arrow Heads and Moderators specific forums

Forum Statistics

Our users have posted a total of 130526 articles
We have 897 registered users
The newest registered user is BlkRozez85

Forum Overview

(to come)

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The Hogwarts Experience Empty Re: The Hogwarts Experience

Post by SLGray February 14th 2022, 3:42 am

Since the link no longer works, this topic will be sent to the garbage.

The Hogwarts Experience Slgray10

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