New MAJOR update : new admin panel, new forum script available, and more inside !

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New MAJOR update : new admin panel, new forum script available, and more inside !

Post by Shadow on June 19th 2008, 12:02 pm


In the continuity of our efforts to offer our members intuitive, simple forums to administer, we just made a new update with very innovative feature!

These new features have been added automatically and for free to your forums! So you have nothing to do, just to enjoy…!

This update has resulted in the following additions / modifications:

1. A complete update of the admin panel

Indeed, in order to simplify the navigation in our admin panel, we carried out a complete modification. This, through the regrouping of commands by functions.
Now, the Forumotion admin panel will be as follows (in V2.0, the same pattern is also available in V3.0):

The new contents details of each tab are as follows:

2. Modification of « modules » in « widgets » with the possibility to add widgets to the forum index (right or left)

(Modules >> Portal & Widgets >> Forum widgets management)

The result on your forum:


For proper functioning of these new functions on your forums, we recommend that you keep the basic templates (Default) on the Portal: [mod_search.tpl poll_ballot.tpl] and General (footer and header ) [Overall_footer.tpl overall_header_new.tpl] and the level of CSS.

3. Administration modification of the portal structure and forum widgets that are now in drag & drop mode.

This new technology will facilitate the management of widgets and will make it more fun and intuitive!

For the portal :

For the index widgets :

4. The punBB technology is now available

In addition of PhpBB 2 and PhpBB3, you now have the possibility to apply to your forum the PunBB script.

The result with PunBB on your forum (Theme default version):

Thanks to all our faithful members that have helped, guided and inspired us, especially with their suggestions.

Best regards,
Typlo banana

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