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Re: Merrimint 2D ORPG

Post by TheGymHero on June 25th 2008, 8:15 am

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Merrimint is an ORPG set in a cartoony/chibi theme. A vast world full of adventure awaits you! Slay a yeti, go on a daring quest, catch some fish, or just hang out with your friends.

All credit goes to my friend GreenRaven for the creation of sprites and tiles.







These are some features that are planned for Merrimint.

-Element System: Something basic like 5 different elements in total. Monsters can be assigned an element including non-elemental. Weapons and armors can also be assigned an element. More damage is applied when a certain element attack a favored element. Also less damage is taken when hit by a favored element.


-Spell System I find that clicking a target, casting a spell, clicking a target casting a spell can be quite boring. Spells would be awesome if they didn't require a target. If a mage wanted to cast fireball he could use a macro and it would shoot out straight from him. Hitting all monsters in a straight line. This would make all games more balanced, as I tend to see mages being abused by finding a place where monsters cant go and 'camp' there for hours. This just takes the fun out of the game. I really don't know how hard this would be to do and I cannot stress this enough but it would make the game more enjoyable and allow for better control.

This is how I envision it: Spells can be customizable as far as range. They can shoot out straight from the player, cast directly where the player is standing and the spell would affect maybe a 1x3 radius, a spell could everything on the map. I think that many of the PW engines have gotten into a repeatable task of keeping a lot of the same things. Some are good but many need to be changed.

Alright so once you have learned a spell, and have it macroed, you would be able to press the macro button and cast the spell, here are the ranges and possible spell types, there could also be many more combinations of ranges.

Possible Fireball spell, it just shoots straight out hitting everything in its path:

Possible warrior type skill, hits the first 3 squares in front of him:

Since there would be no targets, heal spells would take actual skill to use. The more advanced heal spells could have larger ranges and affect more people..You could get get next to someone and use the spell healing yourself, and the people next to you.


-Bestiary System: There could be a button on the menu that allows players to see a bestiary. It could show as '???' If they have not killed anything yet. Once they kill the monster e.g. Green Slime it would then show up in the Bestiary. This would give players a reason to go back and kill stuff just to complete their bestiary, high level players would still have much to do. Inside the Bestiary it would says something like:

Green Slime:

Green Slime's often scavenge the area in search for something good to eat.


Skills: ???

Drops: ???, ???, Apple, ???

[This would mean that you've only seen a Green Slime drop apples, it also drops 3 other things you don't know about]


Combat Skills: Would include skills that can be raised with use in the field of battle. Some of these skills include: Parry, Block, Stab, Slash, Thrust, Axe Fighting, Archery, Martial Arts, etc. Raising a level in these skills will grant you better damage when using the correct weapon.

Economic Skills: Would include skills that can be raised with certain jobs you can do. Some of these skills include: Fishing, Woodcutting, Mining, Forging, Alchemy, etc. Raising a level in these skills will grant you a better production rate and better production rewards.


-Title System: All players start out with a title. Players can earn additional titles through quests, or certain events such as achieving a certain level. Players can pick which title they want to represent them, and can equip any title they have. Having a title equipped will give you a permanent stat bonus when you level. Equipping different titles will allow for unique characters.

Having the "Dragon Slayer" title equipped could give a stat boost of +2 Strength, +2 Defense, +1 Vitality, +1 Stamina, +2 Energy

Players would be able to obtain multiple titles, and be able to "equip" any title they choose. For example my title would be Dragon Slayer, but I could also have obtained titles such as: Noob, Friend of Narius, Elite Spellcaster. Each of those titles would give different stat boosts.

Quests will also have a feature that upon completion it would grant a player a certain title. So if I did a quest for the NPC Narius, I would return to him and receive the title "Friend of Narius"


-Card System: [thanks to jsventor for sparking this idea] Cards can be obtained from monsters and possibly NPC's. Each card represents characteristics from it's owner and will grant passive abilities and stat boost to players who equip the card. For instance a Slime Card would give +3 Attack. Where as a Wolf Card would give +5% critical chance. Every monster will drop a card under it's own name. Some cards are rarer than other, but all cards will be difficult to get. Cards can be equipped into the "Card Slot" on their character.


Anthony is the sole programmer while me and my friend blackdrgn work on GFX as well as editing GR's GFX.

We are looking for suggestions and comments and mainly a solid, friendly community!

Come join the forums and be active! Mr. Green

Merrimint Portal!

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Re: Merrimint 2D ORPG

Post by TheGymHero on July 1st 2008, 6:09 am

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Re: Merrimint 2D ORPG

Post by Base on February 12th 2013, 12:46 pm

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