your forum rules

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your forum rules

Post by Guest on July 8th 2008, 1:51 pm

First topic message reminder :

here are my

Hello everyone and welcome to Staffordshire Bull Terrier forum!

You will need to register to post, this can take a little while, please be patient... if you are only here to read then, of course, there is no need to register.

If you spot a post you think moderators should be alerted to, there is a little alert button in the top right of each message.

  • SBT Forum members are expected to act in a community-spirited way. It is unacceptable to behave in an anti-social manner on SBT Forum. If a forum member feels that someone is behaving in an anti-social manner, they should use the 'Report' button to alert the moderators
  • Any contribution that breaks the rules may be removed, and offenders risk being placed in pre-moderation or being banned from the site
  • SBT is for dog content. Any comments that are deemed to be off-topic may be moved
  • Completing your personal profile is mandatory. You must fill in this information to finish your registration and become a full member of SBT Froum.
  • Please don't abuse the complaints system. The Report button exists so that users can alert us to content that breaks the house rules i.e. offensive material, not typos and spelling mistakes. If a user repeatedly abuses the complaints button we may suspend their account
  • No harassment. Repeatedly posting personal or offensive comments that are abusive, threatening, offensive, obscene, harassing, harmful, inflammatory, racist or otherwise objectionable about individual members of the public or people who work for the Forum may be considered harassment. We reserve the right to remove such messages and take action against those responsible
  • Only make written contributions that are your own work or to which you have the copyright or other permission to distribute electronically. You may not violate, plagiarise, or infringe on the rights of third parties including copyright, trademark, trade secret, privacy, personal, publicity, or proprietary rights
  • You may not post any defamatory or illegal material of any nature. Posting a message with the intention of committing an illegal act is strictly prohibited
  • Do try to have fun with the forums. If you find yourself getting wound up or stressed take a break for a bit… coming back refreshed and eager to throw your wit at us once more.
  • Do be patient with other users. Even if someone posts in a way that annoys you (in “txt spk” for example), stay polite and light-hearted in any response. (In 10 years they might be your doctor, or Member of Parliament.)
  • SBT Forum reserve the right to change the house rules from time to time by publishing any amendments on site. You are responsible for regularly reviewing the house rules. By submitting a post you confirm your acceptance of any changes
  • No promoting dog fighting in anyway. We all know that this is what our dogs came from. However it is now illegal. We do not in any way support the very cruel act of dog fighting. Any posts made supporting it will be deleted.
  • AVATARS AND SIGNATURES MUST BE PG RATED AND CANNOT ADVERTISE DOG FIGHTING, DRUG USE, OR SEXUALLY EXPLICIT MATERIAL. You will be asked to remove such material ONCE and possibly banned for no compliance. People who browse this site at work should not have to be held accountable for content in YOUR avatar or signature. If you have to think twice about it or ask, its probably not appropriate.

Member Names will be failed if they...

  • Contain website or email addresses
  • Contain contact information ie phone numbers, postcodes etc
  • Appear to impersonate someone else
  • Contain swear words or are otherwise objectionable

We reserve the right to fail messages which

  • Are considered likely to disrupt, provoke, attack or offend others
  • Are racist, sexist, homophobic, sexually explicit, abusive or otherwise objectionable
  • Contain swear words or other language likely to offend
  • Break the law or condone or encourage unlawful activity. This includes breach of copyright, defamation and contempt of court.
  • Advertise products or services for profit or gain
  • Are seen to impersonate someone else
  • Include contact details such as phone numbers, postal or email addresses
  • Are written in anything other than English - Welsh and Gaelic may be used where marked
  • Contain links to other websites which break our color. (look below to find info about links)
  • Describe or encourage activities which could endanger the safety or well-being of others
  • Are considered to be 'spam', that is posts containing the same. or similar, message posted multiple times
  • Are considered to be off-topic for the particular message board

The Forum welcomes feedback, both positive and negative, about our services but please make sure your comments are in line with the above House Rules. Repeatedly posting personal or offensive comments about individual members of the public or people who work for the Forum may be considered harassment. We reserve the right to remove such messages and take action against those responsible.

here are the rules for my moderators

Moderating a forum gives you power and, along with that power, responsibility. Your aim as a moderator is to use your powers for the benefit of the community. This page describes the things that you have the power to do and the things you should keep in mind as you moderate.

Moderators have the power to:

* Delete posts
* Delete threads
* Move threads to other forums
* Edit the description and rules for a forum

Moderators do not have not the power to delete users; this option is availible only to the me. If you feel that a user should be deleted or banned, please make a topic in the moderator room and tell and i will sort the problem out

As a board moderator, you are expected to:

* Check the forum at least 2-3 times a week
* Work for an active and pleasant forum
* Help new users on the forum to join the community
* Move messages that have been posted on the forum that you moderate but should have been posted on a different one
* Delete messages that are off-topic, racist, sexist, insulting or contain or link to illegal content. This includes anything that is a violation of copyright law.
* Respect the opinions of others when they differ from your own; you should never delete a post because you disagree with its contents
* Inform the me if you find any problems or bugs in the forum
* Inform the me as soon as possible if you do not want to moderate a forum any more


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Re: your forum rules

Post by Guest on February 3rd 2009, 2:12 pm

Dungeon Master wrote:We just made a new rule. Dont piss of the site tech or you wont be able to edit anything like the ubercool members can.
Love it, is it ok if I add this to my rules?


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Re: your forum rules

Post by Dr Blue Socks on February 15th 2009, 6:39 am

Dr Blue Socks

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Re: your forum rules

Post by TAFADMIN on February 21st 2009, 11:15 pm

i am still working on my forum but i have some basic rules they are

1/no adult related content
2/no intent on selling illegal unlawful things 2 is different on my forum
3/no drug related discussion
4/no hacking/cracking content and no casino related discussion
5/no illegal links/mp3/warzs/virus anything that can harm someone else
6/no disrespecting guest/members/the host/and the staff
7/no fraud trading passwords or serial numbers etc i respect the law and i am use to typing this one from other hosts
8/just added no spamming unless in forum games if i see it elsewhere the post will be moved
9/have fun if you understand these rules feel free to join but keep the forum at rated e for everyone i hope i don't get in trouble over my rules as i am still working on them i have a warning system too i didnt set up any staff or warning rules yet will update

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Re: your forum rules

Post by thunderboyx on February 22nd 2009, 12:02 am

@Dr Blue Socks wrote:NO RULES
Your forum must be chaotic then,

My rules are,


Official Rules Of E-T-B

You must follow all of these rules.

-Proper English
Please type proper English, its . if you miss a couple of words,
but if no one can read what your saying, please edit your post.
or you get a warning
EX: Hav u sean teh baesblal gaem bdduy???????

-No racist/sexual comments
This is an important rule, no hatred against other races.
You also may not make any sexual comments towards any gender.

-Treat others as you would like to be treated
If your sick of being called a noob, being teased etc, its because you provoked them or called them names, if you treat everyone nicely, you will be treated nicely back.

-Double posting or One Word posts
You may not post two times in a row in any thread, other then in the spam forum unless it is after 24 hours. After 24 hours, you may double post just once then wait again.
You may not post one word posts or it is considered spam.
(This doesn't count for word games and if you plan to use a smiley, use a smiley and a word not just a smiley by it self)

-Back seat moderating
If someone has broken the rules, report it, don't go telling them off, that's the moderators job.

-Adult content
No R rated contest or anything classified adult contest, as this site is not permitted to host such things.

You may not cheat in any way, but also in other ways, spamming to get posts, using spam bots etc.

-Multiple Accounts
You may not have more then one account, unless you have a staff members permission or all of your accounts are banned. If you are a mod, then you can have a mule account, but not too many.

-Harassment/cyber bullying/threaten
You may not flame, tease, "bag", or harass any member, if we find you are doing this, and the victim is taking offense to it, you will be punished. This includes the staff members, they worked hard for their rank and everybody deserves respect you know. You cannot harass other members through pictures, videos, or the text itself.

-Big pictures
Please refrain from posting big pictures out in the surface without using spoiler tags, You can not use big pictures to offend somebody or that is cyber bullying. if you don't know what a spoiler tag is, here is the code:

You may make any post, or thread in entire capitals, if you want someones attention, simply make a thread, stating what you want. A simple "Come here bob" would be fine, even adding more words!!! would serve its purpose.

-No selling/trading items in signature or new post/topic
No selling/trading items in signature or new topic/post
You can not abuse using your signature by selling EBAY items or other online shops items in your signature, this is important because it might scam other people, therefore, I will cancel out selling/trading real items in your signature, and/or a new topic/post saying you want to sell/trade items.

-No pornographic images allowed
No pornographic images are allowed at this forum. That includes misleading links in your signature that leads to pornography sites or pictures. Anyone who does is any immediate ban, no warnings, because I am very serious about this. If you are a member and see user posting it in a spam forum or whatever forum, report the post and a moderator or me will get over it.

-No advertising
No advertising is allowed in your username, EX:
You can only advertise in the advertising forum because isn't that a privilege?

-No Rapidshare/torrent links
You cannot put rapidshare or torrent links, this is also serious. You are going to get a serious warning if you do, so not rapidshare or torrent links. If you want to post a download, it can't be rapidshare or it can't have torrents in it

You may not beg for anything, like special ranks, becoming a mod, etc.
Requesting is much better and there is a difference.

-No illegal downloads
No illegal downloads are allowed or linking to illegal sites where you can get free stuff.
(that includes your username, in the advertising forum, spam forum, and signature)

-Post in the right forum
Please do not post in a inappropriate forum for your topic. This is to prevent reader to think it is something else.

-Your avatar
Your avatar can not be more then 150 x 200 pixels. if it longer then your avatar needs are removed and you are given a warning. If you want to see how big your avatar is, "right click" on the picture and it should tell you how many pixels it is.

- Don't cheat in contests. Remember the old saying, " You can always win so much or lose so much" You are banned from the next three contest if you cheat and you get a warning.

After you follow these rules, remember to follow TOS also


When you break any of these TOS, the following actions can and will be taken:

Your let off 2 times, then you start getting warnings.

- 1st Warning Will be notified

- 2nd Warning Will tell you in public (half way bar)

- Suspension & Warning When out of warnings, you are banned for 1 week

- Ban You forgot to read the rules, maybe you did but you didn't follow them so its a instant ban FOREVER

(if you try to make a new account while you got banned, then you are IP banned)

What if i put something bad in my signature?

If you put illegal downloads, pornographic pictures, advertising, selling/trading, basically anything that violates the rules, your signature will be removed and you will be PMed and given a 2nd warning

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Re: your forum rules

Post by Dr Blue Socks on March 2nd 2009, 1:11 am

Your forum must be chaotic then,

My forum is not chaotic, it has a small group of posters who are all decent chaps.

I rarely use the admin account and hate moderating. You could call some of the stuff there questionable but its all within the 'over all rules of the net'.. I hope.
Dr Blue Socks

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Re: your forum rules

Post by Guest on March 4th 2009, 10:05 am

I have a 'terms and conditions' and a forum rules on my site. Only because I'm using Joomla. Razz


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Re: your forum rules

Post by Steweh on March 7th 2009, 9:42 am

By viewing these forums, you agree to the following:

1. No swearing (or bypassing the filter)
2. No racism (instant ban)
3. No bad mouthing the forum
4. No pornography (instant ban)
5. No sexually explicit posts/signatures
6. No "Text Talk"

coz, ur, 2moro
7. Post in the correct forum
8. SEARCH BEFORE POSTING! Your question has probably been answered, your suggestion has probably been suggested! If you want to add to a topic, post a reply, try not to post a new topic!
9. No trolling. Trolling is someone who posts controversial and irrelevant or off-topic messages with the intention of provoking other users into an emotional response or to generally disrupt normal on-topic discussion.
10. No spamming.

Spamming includes:
- Double-posting or triple-posting;
- Posting irrelevant topics or posts;
- Responding to a post after it is about three weeks old (21 days), unless you can positively contribute to the topic;
- One word posts such as "lol!", "haha".
- Posting the same topic in different forums

11. No harassing people, via PM's or otherwise
12. No back-seat moderating --> an example of this is telling a member off for double-posting if you're not a moderator yourself
13. Only one (1) account per user. Please contact an admin if you want to change your username
14. No advertising of any sort, ie. posting links to forums or sites which are owned or run by you. You can, however, put these links in your signatures

Don't question the authority of a moderator or admin. By posting, you agree that threads and/or posts can be deleted, edited or locked at will

Admin and super mods have the right to ban you IF necessary - you will get warnings unless it is serious.

These rules are subject to change.

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Re: your forum rules

Post by Dr Blue Socks on March 8th 2009, 6:38 pm

The fact that you guys wrote out the rules and enforce them makes you all sound like boring farts.
Dr Blue Socks

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Re: your forum rules

Post by Dr Blue Socks on April 9th 2009, 6:32 am

Cmon, I want to see more rules.
Dr Blue Socks

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Re: your forum rules

Post by mwarvik3838 on April 14th 2009, 5:33 pm

- Messages posted on the board -

- Topic titles : When you post your question or your problem, you should use a title related to your problem/question/post. All Capitals should also be avoided.

- Language on this forum : This is an English forum. Please write in English. SMS (cell phone) style message, L3375P34K (leetspeak) and deliberate mistakes must be avoided. Non-English people, as well as English people, must be able to understand what you write, so put a minimum of care in your English, even if your English is not very good.

- Spelling, Punctuation, Grammar : Do you best to spell, punctuate and use correct grammar.

- Flood : Flooding the forum must be avoided.

- One-word posts: One-word posts such like "lol", "rofl" or a single smiley must be avoided.

- Posts to increase post count: Posts for the intention of increasing post counts must be avoided. The founder can reset post counts at any time.

- Off-topic posts: Please ensure your post is about the topic. Off-Topic posts are subject to deletion at any time.

- Un-useful posts: Massive, un-useful posting is spam. Examples of un-useful posts are "that is cool" or "i agree" or anything like that.

- Double posts:You must also avoid to post the same topic twice. Feel free to edit your message if you make a mistake or you have updates. Please use the button at the top-right of your post, to avoid double-posting

- Secret Questions:Secret Question Topics from MLN are not allowed.

- Lost Topics - If you don't find your topic, it may have been moved to a more appropriate place. Take a look at your recent posts, and it will show what location it is at. If you still can't find it, PM a moderator or admin!

- Advertising for your forum : Spamming for your board is not tolerated. You are welcome to have a single topic in the 'Off Topic - Other Forum' area. Better : Put your forum address in your profile.

- Other advertising : It is also forbidden to post advertising for money-related stuff.

Behavior on the forum

- Defamatory, racist, hateful, pornographic, illegal, personal attacks and demeaning content must be avoided on this forum. You must respect the fact that people may have a different opinion than you. If you are in conflict with another member, please use PMs for that, this board is not an arena!

- Please, be patient. It's useless to up your topic every 2 minutes (see the point "Flood and Off-topic"). Every member of this forum has a private life besides MLNTeam, so they can't always respond immediately.

- Nothing illegal. Do not post links to get the badges/invincible avatar/something else on MLN.

- You must respect the moderators and administrators. They all work voluntarily on this forum and they are human, not machines!

- Inappropriate PM - If you received advertising, pornographic content or insults by PM, you must send the whole copy (including the headers) to a moderator by PM. Posting it in a topic is useless and will only cause conflicts between you and the one who sent you the PM.

Avatar, Profile and Signature

- Appropriate Avatars - Avatars must be G rated at all times. Inappropriate, sexually oriented and gore avatars must be avoided. Anyone posting inappropriate avatars will lose the privileged of being able to display one.

-Appropriate Signatures and Links - Signatures and Links must be G rated at all times. Inappropriate signatures or links must be avoided. Signatures and links may be deleted at any time.

-Signature Image Size - 2 Images Max each (728px x 125 px) or 1 Image Max (728px x 250 px)
That is MAX, but if you have a smaller, it is better!

No secret question topics

Please do not make posts of the following topics:

- What is your mother's maiden name?
- What was the name of your first pet?
- What is your favorite book?
- Who was your first boy/girl friend?
- What is your favorite chocolate bar?

Rank Team Rules

-Rank Team Assignment - You are assigned to the same rank level as MLN. If you do not specify a rank, you will be assigned Rank 0. As you progress the ranks, request membership in the next rank group.

-Rank Posts - You can post in your own rank team and lower teams, just not any higher than your own.

-Retired - If you have a rank, but don't actively play MLN anymore, request membership in the Retired MLN group.

Safety and Security

- No personal information - Don´t post your personal info if you are under 18, including age, names and personally identifiable information.

- Be safe be smart! - Protect your privacy, and make strong passwords.

Possible sanctions

- Spam is to be avoided. The spam bar is updated by admins. See spam bar points topic for sanctions.

- If your avatar doesn't respect the rules and you ignore the moderator's request to have it changed, the Administrator may forbid you from displaying an Avatar.

- Ignoring the moderators' warnings and continuing to not respect the rules, attacking people and trolling may result to a simple removal of posts to a ban from this forum, according to the gravity of the member's fault.

- Arguing with a moderator or admin about warnings and spam points could result in additional warnings, or in severe cases, a ban.

- Anything that puts this forum in jeopardy by violating of the FM Terms of condition = Immediate ban

- Advertising for money-related stuff = Immediate ban, as we are a non-commercial site

- Duplicate MLNTeam accounts = Immediate ban and deletion of your duplicate account

If you have any questions about any of the forum rules, please PM a moderator to ask your question.

Thanks for your comprehension.

MLNTeam Team


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Re: your forum rules

Post by Master Marc on April 14th 2009, 11:21 pm

Here are my forum rules for members:

General Rules
-Do not ask for illegal content.
-Do not discuss cheating devices or cheat device codes unless it's in a forum created by an Admin.
-Do not disrespect a Mod Cool or an Admin king
-Do not advertise.If someone PMs you a link breaking this rule,please tell an admin or a mod.
-Do not make two accounts.Note:Anyone in the past[after Dec 23rd 2008] would be forgiven for this. [If Ban users make a new account,it would be banned again.]

Posting Rules
-Limit the use of foul language
-Do not spam
-Do not post excessively long quotes
-Try not to double post or triple post.[Warning-it would be deleted if you do this often,only newbies would be spared,Maybe]
-No making multiple threads that are similar to another topic.

Signature rules
-No over-sized pictures
-No more than three outside pictures
-Give credit where it's do
-No outside links unless it's a clan matter [clan site only]

ChatBox Rules
-Do not send links.
-Only use English. Spanish would also be accepted.
-Only smilies are allowed in the chatbox.
Master Marc

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Re: your forum rules

Post by Sammy101 on May 5th 2009, 10:30 pm

this is the forum rules

no one word post
your warning bar will go down each time you do a one word post

no personal info
personal info is telling your phone number, real name, last name, any hint where you live. you may fill in the personal fills in your profile but not on posts

don't be bad
thats like swearing, being mean, not being fair

no pics of yourself (your warning bar will go down and pic removed):
thats really easey to do but it will be removed. and your warning bars

No Flaming(both warning bars will go down and posts deleted)
flaming is like getting into a fight. if you flam all of that posts will be deleted and both of your warning bars will go down

these smiles are for admins only(removed and warning bar gose down):
those smeilys are for admins only that mean if you are a guesst,member,mod tyou can't use them

the most important rule is to have fun (warning bar will go down)
it's a good thing to have fun, if you don't have fun you warning bar will go down

no copying items from other shops (warning bar will go down & items deleted):
you may copy club penguin, U.B funkeys,mln,chobots and you may not copy other shops items or the copyed items will be removed

do not post to much smieys:
your allowed to have up to 3 smiley's onyour posts

1 day
1 week
5 hurers
1 month
1 year

Key: your warning bar will go down each time you break a rule.
will this is the rules batman

Sammy: Admin
CopZero: Admin
muttly: Admin

Sammy: Admin
Copzero: Admin
muttly: Admin

U.B funkeys mods:
Sammy: Admin

club penguin mods:
Sammy: Admin

my logo network mods:
Sammy: Admin

chobots mods:
Sammy: Admin

mods in training:
Sammy: Admin

off topic mods:
Sammy: Admin


chatbox mods:
Sammy: Admin

Other mods:
Sammy: Admin

Last edited by Sammy: Admin on Tue 5 May 2009 - 10:59; edited 1 time in total
And one more rule topic:

hi im the site admin

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Re: your forum rules

Post by vedu_king on May 8th 2009, 11:33 am


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Re: your forum rules

Post by Mystic_gohan2 on May 8th 2009, 4:27 pm

* Select/Unselect multi-quote
* Reply with quote
* Edit/Delete this post
* Delete this post
* View IP address of poster
* Report post to moderator or admin
* Lock post for new reports

happy rules you must follow

Post Mystic_gohan on Mon Apr 13, 2009 4:21 pm
What makes a good post:
Read every post in a thread. This will make sure that your post is not deemed as spam by the administrators and moderators, this will slightly increase your chances of getting download access.

The fight against spam:
Spamming is something everyone hates, it comes up everywhere, email, phone calls, and on message boards. This is something we dont want here on Multi Talk 2. Generally the following is spam:

1. Posting many times in a row.
2. A single word post (there are times when allowed though)
3. Posting nothing but smilies.
4. Something that does not relate to the thread.
5. A useless picture that is just crudly drawn or of no relevance.
6. Advertising of a service or website that no one has any intrest in.

Our battle plans:
We combat spam in many ways. Each moderator, and each administrator has a varied way of combating spam these include:

1. Lock the topic - This simply locks the topic so that no one can post in again unless it is unlocked.
2. Delete the post - Delete the post in question, leaving the thread open for meaningful comments.
3. Warn the member - There 20 warning levels, each moderator will provide a different warning level depending on the situation.

please follow the rules

here are mine


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Re: your forum rules

Post by Lady Vala on May 8th 2009, 5:59 pm

Here are the rules for D.A.O.N.

Rules are subject to change at the descretion of the Admins

General Rules
-No swearing.
-No spam.
-No leet speak allowed.
-No sexually explicit material of any kind.
-No harrassing other members.
-No out of character fighting
-Complaining will NOT be tolerated here.
-Respect the mods and admins.
-Never EVER give out your personal information to ANY member including Mods and Admins.
-No racist or sexist remarks are allowed.

RP Rules
-No godmodding
-No using characters from the movies, comics, etc... Create your own character.
-No killing off any characters unless you have permission by the user.
-No off topic talk in RPs. We have a General Discussion thread for that. If it is spotted, it will be removed by a mod.
-No double posting in RPs.
-No using smilies in RPs.
-Mods and Admins have the right to edit and delete your posts.
Lady Vala

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Re: your forum rules

Post by Master Marc on May 16th 2009, 2:46 am

@Master Marc wrote:Here are my forum rules for members:
My rules have been updated:

@Marc wrote:
Nintendopeeps Rules

General Rules
-Do not ask for illegal content. [2 Levels of Infractions]
-Do not discuss cheating devices or cheat device codes unless it's in a forum created by an Admin. [1 Level Infraction]
-Do not disrespect a Mod Cool or an Admin king [1-4 Level[s] Infraction[s]]
-Do not advertise.If someone PMs you a link breaking this rule,please tell an admin or a mod. [1-2 Level[s] Infraction[s]]
-Do not make two accounts.Note:Anyone in the past[after Dec 23rd 2008] would be forgiven for this. [If Ban users make a new account,it would be banned again.]

Posting Rules
-Limit the use of foul language [1 Level Infraction]
-Do not spam [1 Level Infraction]
-Do not post excessively long quotes [1 Level Infraction]
-Try not to double post or triple post.[Warning-it would be deleted if you do this often,only newbies would be spared,Maybe] [No Infractions,post may be deleted.]
-No making multiple threads that are similar to another topic.

Signature rules
-No over-sized pictures
-No more than three outside pictures
-Give credit where it's do
-No outside links unless it's a clan matter [clan site only]

ChatBox Rules
-Do not send links.
-Only use English.
-Only smilies are allowed in the chatbox. {For pictures}
-No swearing in the chatbox

Note: If you fail to obey the chatbox rules,you will be banned from the chatbox for a certain time period,and if you disobey again,the time would be increased.

Note:If you break any of these signature rules,you would get a warning saying to delete your signature and if not deleted by a certain time,it would be deleted by an Admin.
To Mods
-When giving a member an infraction,you can give them by levels that are shown as bars.
-You would see a Mod and Admin note-pad in the user's profile,write Name/Date/Why I gave this member an infraction and the levels.
-Infractions would expire when a mod see's that your behaving good.
This would be edited to add more new rules later.

Last edited by Master Marc on May 16th 2009, 6:05 pm; edited 1 time in total
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Re: your forum rules

Post by Blue Star on May 16th 2009, 4:41 pm

-Only smilies are allowed in the chatbox.

So your chatbox conversations consist of just smilies and no text?
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Re: your forum rules

Post by Master Marc on May 16th 2009, 6:04 pm

@Blue Star wrote:

-Only smilies are allowed in the chatbox.

So your chatbox conversations consist of just smilies and no text?
No,I mean like for pictures.
~Only smilies are allowed,lol.
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Re: your forum rules

Post by kjmj14 on May 27th 2009, 8:47 am

Friendster Mania Rules

These are the rules to be follow when posting onto our forums section. Abiding the rules may cause you a warning or even banned from this forum forever! So make sure to follow this rules listed below so you will not get into any troubles at all.

These are the sets of rules need to be follow:

ENGLISH is the main Language used HERE...
- Use your common sense.
- No spamming , Avoid being offtopic.
- Avoid using any foul and offensive words, ALL CAPS, STICKY CAPS when posting.
- No flamming in any form.
- No nudity and offensive content in any post including signatures and avatars.
- No other forum/site promotion posts.
- The usage of multiple accounts is not allowed.
- Multiple threads and posts with no purpose or clear direction are not allowed and will be considered as spam.
- Use descriptive title/subject for a new thread and post it on the right forum/category. Do some search before posting a new thread, to avoid thread duplication.

All Friendster Mania members have the rights to report all the users abiding the rules in the Reported Users section. All reports that are send by the members of Friendster Mania will be analyze by the moderators and if the reports are right they will immediately report it to the FM Administrator for immediate action about the user.

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Re: your forum rules

Post by Bling on May 29th 2009, 1:24 pm

My Forum Rules;
Here are some rules and regulations that user must follow while posting:-
1.No one will post in Announcements Forum except the SuperMods.
2.Post every message related to the forum, try not to post off-topic
warez,illegal,obscene/adult/sexual/porn content should be posted.If
posted, definitely a warning or a ban(temporary or permanent.Depends on
the circumstances)

4.Spamming and flooding will result as a warning
5.No web and business advertisements is to be posted
6.Users contaning web addresses in their usernames,avatars and sigs will be immidiately banned
7.No one will insult,degrade and fight with the member
one will use bad words/abuses.We still has our censors on, for the
genital,sexually-orientated, and other bad words.Do or go

9.We will
choose members for our staff by seeing their behaviour with their
fellow members and no time will be mentioned in any post, we will
select members anytime

10.As we have warning bars now, after 3 warnings we will ban a member
12.You can however use SMS language(sk8 for skating, u for you,lv for love), but its not adviced
13.No other language will be used except English, no matter how are your english skills, but you
have to use it.
14.For common problems, use our F.A.Q tool.For technical problems, let us know.
triple posting within 24 hours that includes expressions or
depressions.You can though post information,videos, or can share

No rules is cheated and nor should be cheated by anyone.
Thanks for reading,
Dark Soul

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Re: your forum rules

Post by qwertyuiop on September 30th 2009, 3:40 am

lol, seen this thread from another thread, so why not post my rules myself XD
Possibly the most simple rules you shall ever look at.

From Teh Forum:
These are the simple, simple rules of this place. You are expected to know these, as they aren't that hard to understand.

1. Don't post pornography. We do everything, but we don't support that.

2. Don't flame other members. Have some respect, k?

3. Don't spam. Lets do our best to refrain from having button-pressing-spaz-attacks on our keyboards and the "post reply" button

4. Get the right section. I'm not perfect on describing and naming sections, but I think that I did a decent job. Make sure that when you post a topic, you are getting it in the right section. No biggie the first few times, its cool, don't flip out, but after a while it begins to get a little annoying.

5. Advertising... Not much of a rule really.

If you're going to be like one of those stupid bots that come to the forum and advertise about your nice little pills or other stuff; no, you have the wrong forum go away plz. If you're doing shameful promotion of your site, no.

However, advertising some about a site you have is ok. Just put a link in your signature.

6. Stay on Topic. Oh gosh, its so hard isn't it? Simply stay on the topic posted.

If you're going into a topic simply to 'derail' it, please don't, especially in the SRS and Real Life sections. Derailing a thread can be cool, don't get me wrong, but only if it is done right. I suggest refraining from doing this though if the topic really does seem serious, lets keep some respect, alrite?

7. Let's try to post in a legible way.
The Internet isn't your stupid cell phone, and when you're on a public forum, quit typing like you're being shot at while blindfolded while running through a tornado."
I can't stress how true this is. This isn't some internet 5 year old chat, people. Post so we can read it. I imagine everyone is OK with some 'simple' typing, but still keep it in reason.

8. Common Sense. Use it. Just because I didn't mention something here doesn't mean that you won't get in trouble for dumb decisions.

And a rule quickie - I won't be a hypocrite. I cuss in posts sometimes. I imagine everyone can sleep well at night if you cuss a few times in your posts. But try to refrain from becoming Sailormouth Joe in your posts.


That is it! These don't hurt, do they now? Whatever it is you do that is bad here will be dealt with. There will always be your second chances, but do your best to stay nice members.


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Re: your forum rules

Post by Ganon19 on October 16th 2009, 2:34 am

Here are the rules for Nerfo Forum.

1. No flaming a mod or admin.
2. No cussing or swearing.
3. No trolling (Posting content with the intent to cause chaos and disrupt the forum)
4. No spamming (Posts that are less than a sentence long and off topic posting).
5. No sexual harassment (If you commit this, you will be immediately banned. This is too serious of an attack for just a warning)
6. Don't harass someone. (an instant ban will follow if committed)
7. Do not post racist remarks or slurs. (Doing so will result in an instant ban.)
8. No fighting or looking for a fight
9. No back-seat modding. If you're not a mod, don't act like one. If you want something to stop or happen, ask a mod or admin first.
10. You may only have one account. If you have a second account and you can prove it's somebody else, we'll let a slide....but we'll be watching.
11. Please do not double post or triple post. Wait for people to talk. If you want to say more, just edit your post.(Admins are exempt from this rule)
12. No bumping topics older then 3 months.(Doesn't Count With forum games.)
13. Other than that, have fun!

All rules will be strictly enforced. Even if a Mod or Admin breaks them, he/she will be banned.
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Re: your forum rules

Post by BloomStellaFlora on December 30th 2009, 7:52 am

Anymore RULES gonna be posted here?

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Re: your forum rules

Post by Decent Boy on December 30th 2009, 9:25 am

Hello to All Azaadi Forum Members !

Here are some common suggestions and guidelines for posting on forums.

1 > Do Not SPAM / Post Off Topic / Post Multiple Posts / Single emoticon, Word Posts.
2 > Do Not Create meaningless topics , similar to existing ones
3 > New members use "Post Reply" button and NOT "Report" button
4 > Use "Report" button to report any offensive, improper posts to Moderators.
5 > For Post milestone topics stick to 1000, 3000, 5000 and 10000 and 5000 thereafter posts only.
6 > No Personal Attacks on any member !
7 > Respect other members
8 > No Abusive remarks on any Band/Artist/Moderators. Members will be banned straightaway.
9 > No posting pirated / leaked / copyrighted / indecent / abusive material
10 > Moderators decision will be final, if anyone has any issues with moderators, they can PM S Mods / Admins.
11 > All Birthday topics can be locked after one week. PM the mods in case it is required to stay longer.
12 > Signatures to be kept small, and simple. No Codings allowed ! Moderators can remove any improper signatures.
13 > No discussion of Band Members personal lives.
14 > Member(including Mods) will be banned for 24 hours after Three warnings from the forum
15 > Try to start the funny & informative topics.
16 > Only The starters try funny & informative topics and Quality Posters will be awarded with Posting Awards

Please help the forum management keeping these forums running effectively.

Have a good time on board.

Azaadi Official Forum Management

This is My forum rules
Decent Boy

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Re: your forum rules

Post by Josh Horn on January 28th 2010, 8:32 am

1.Use common sense and be considerate and respectful toward all users. Diversity of opinion is encouraged here,however insulting or flaming another member because he or she doesn’t agree with you will not be tolerated. (This applies to everyone on the board, including staff members) Disagreeing with an idea or opinion of one is perfectly acceptable and is not the same as attacking that individual. An example of this would be calling someone a disrespectful name because you don’t agree with them. - Violating this rule will result in an immediate ban of user account and you could possibly be prosecuted.

2.You agree and understand that Kentucky Sports is not responsible for any material or content posted by our users. Our staff will strive to remove any inappropriate material from the public view as quickly as possible. Any questionable content posted will be moved and stored in a private area, not accessible by public users. This content along with your User name, Email Address, IP Address and your Internet Service Provider, (used to identify you if a criminal case or lawsuit are stored indefinitely). Kentucky Sports reserves the right to use any illegal content you post against you. Kentucky Sports reserves the right to forfeit anything you post to the appropriate authorities. We are only a distributor of content supplied by users of the chats and forums. In short, users are liable for any content, material, or any other information posted on this forum. (Remember, you are not anonymous behind your computer screen. Anything you do on a computer is easily traced.)

3.You agree not to post off-topic. We require that you keep your comments consistent with the subject of the thread. Deliberate disruption such as frivolous commentary will not be tolerated. Your post will be removed and you will receive a warning from a staff member. Your second warning will result in your account being suspended.

4.You may not post any content or links to content that is offensive, obscene, racist, abusive, or anything else that violates any applicable local, state, national or international law. Violating this rule will result in an immediate ban of user account and you could possibly be prosecuted.

5.You may not post any content or links to competitor sites within the state without written consent from Kentucky Sports. Websites,Your post will be removed and you will receive a warning from a staff member. Your second warning will result in your account being suspended.

6.Please be respectful of the site and the staff of the site. If you have a complaint about the way the site is being ran, then please contact an Administrator and inform them of the problem, and it will be discussed among the staff. We here at Kentucky Sports work very hard to make this site enjoyable for all, and we will not tolerate the site being downgraded in a non constructive manner in any way. Breaking of this rule would include: calling the board names such as lame, stupid, bad, etc., telling moderators/administrators that they aren’t doing their jobs right or questioning their status as a staff member and include any general bashing of the way the site is being ran.

7. Multiple accounts are easily detectable are will not be tolerated for any reason. If you are seen with a second account you will be warned, and perhaps temporarily suspended. Failure to follow this rule again will result in a permanent ban from the site.

8. Posting false or incorrect information will not be tolerated. If you are unaware of something such as a score or any information regarding a certain topic, then do not post it until sure. False threads and posts will be deleted and you will be warned.

9. Post padding will not be tolerated. Topics are there for your view pleasure but you are not required to post something in every one that you open. If you have no real opinion or knowledge on a subject, please move on to another one. Posting one word sentences like "cool" or things such as "I don't know" will be removed from the thread and will be deducted from your post count and points

10. Creating member names to mock or make fun of other member or real people is not allowed, nor are names that could be viewed as vulgar or offensive. You will be asked to change your name or your account will be suspended.

11. Threats or vulgar language sent to staff or other members in private messages will not be allowed at anytime by anyone, this only creates hard feeling and will result in a suspension with possible ban.

12. We ask that you, the user, attempt to use correct spelling, grammar, and capitalization when posting in the public forum. Posts that cannot be easily read will be removed by the Staff. Numerous unreadable posts can be grounds for an infraction or suspension from KS.

13. Any attempt to reveal or hint at a person's identity in an open forum is grounds for immediate suspension. All users on this board have the right to remain anonymous if they so choose.

Failure to consent to these rules will result in an immediate suspension
Josh Horn
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Re: your forum rules

Post by Upitnik on January 29th 2010, 12:25 pm

good idea

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Re: your forum rules

Post by KQ on January 30th 2010, 8:10 am

1. Advertising your website on our website is stupid. But if you decide to do it, nothing bad will happen, but our users will make fun of you. Don't whine if you don't like that. No PMing others to join your site, ever.
2. Don't post more than once in a row unless for a good reason. And don't make a topic that's already made. Use the search button.
3. This isn't a democracy. If we make a decision, we're usually right. You can bring up that you think we made a bad decision, but that's all you can do. This includes word censoring of any kind and locking threads whenever.
4. No pron, Hentai, or any other crap. We can deliberate on it. But you will lose. Same for violent or grotesque images.

This is it ^ If they have any other issues we just have them come to us. It's worked for a long time. Although our forums have a lot more what other people call spam, but we also have 0 mods. 7 admins and some people with 'mod powers' but no one who's job it is to moderate the forums.

We've tried other methods but this free market system of posting is working wonders.

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Re: your forum rules

Post by Maki1 on February 7th 2010, 12:27 pm

These are the rules of the Forum and will be adhered to by all

All we ask is that you abide by these rules. We have a tough job, don’t make it harder.

1) Please keep content to a tame level. If you think you are in breach, you'll be the first to know.

2) Racist or Abusive posts will not be tolerated, Posts of this nature will be edited or removed, Repeated violations will result in a ban

3) You will not threaten another member or entertain the idea in any area of the Forum.

4) No spamming the forums or threads with pointless posts. Any such messages will be removed at the discretion of either a forum Moderator or Administrator. If you post it and it gets deleted, don't post it again. Banning is easy, but we'd rather you paid attention in the first place.

5) You must respect the privacy of other members and individuals.

6) Do not post personal information (i.e. addresses, phone numbers, passwords, personal identification numbers, or any other information considered private) without the express permission of the individual.

7) You will not discuss, suggest, engage, or encourage any illegal activity. Links provided to locations that deal with any such activity are also expressly forbidden and will be removed.

Cool We takes no responsibility for the content of any of the messages posted in the Forums or of the authenticity of its authors.

9) The Admins reserves the right to ban any user, at any time, and for any reason. Any means any.

10) If you can’t say it nice, don’t say it at all. Use PMs!

All Rules are open to interpretation by Administrators. Not by members.

We reserve the right to change any rules at any time without warning or notice.

If a Moderator or Administrator thinks it doesn’t belong, it doesn’t.

By posting to the Forum, you agree to abide by the above rules and terms. You also agree to any restrictions, penalties and/or banishments given for breaking said rules.

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Re: your forum rules

Post by emylie on February 17th 2010, 5:40 am

@Twin Games wrote:Here are the rules. If you break them, you will be banned. Mad

No double posting.

No spamming.

No flaming.

Don't insult our games.

You are only allowed to make 1 account.

Don't you dare break any of them!

I love these rules, I may copy them Mr. Green !

Those are our rules. Any suggestions on improving them?

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Re: your forum rules

Post by emylie on February 17th 2010, 5:44 am

I love these rules, I may copy them Mr. Green !
just kidding!

My forum rules are:
The forum rules are exactly the same as; all the respectables forums of this planet, please be kind and respect them.

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