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Eon: Online World; Forums

Post by Buster on Sun 21 Jan 2007 - 16:29

Fulfilling Prodigous Dreams of Tomorrow

URL: http://www.eononlineworld.forumotion.com

    Administrators : Buster, Furry_Rodian, and POKKI-chan.
    Moderators : Total Giggity

Forum's main theme / purpose :

    Eon: Online World was made as a site for:
      - Free site creation
      - Free graphics
      - Game Development
      - Contest hosting
      - General Discussion
      - Animation
      - Game review
      - Program review

    And much, much more to come!


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(Why so low? Because It was just released, this is the first public showing less then a then a month ago.)


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Re: Eon: Online World; Forums

Post by Buster on Wed 14 Feb 2007 - 8:38

Fulfilling Prodigous Dreams of Tomorrow

News as of 2/14/07:

Eon: Online World wishes everyone a great holiday:

Eon: Online World is in search of a second moderator!
Furry_Rodian wrote:We allready have a moderator from the previous forum (Total Giggity), now we search for a second, would you be willing to fill out a little quiz to become one? Only about 5-10 questions.

Eon: Online World will be ending our first Signature contest the tomorrow:
Furry_Rodian wrote:I demand a contest.
The winner gets there sig put on the main page for a week.

Must contain something relating to nature.
110 x 400 at max
May be animated.
You must enter the contest by posting so.
You must finish by the 15th of February.

Which means that we will be starting a new one on the 16th of February.

Eon: Online has move the Pokemon Charcoal project back to the front burner:
@Buster wrote:

The first sign of an update!!!

The project is back in demand!
That looks alot better then the last set of sprites:

Eon: Online World has started to make Pips for free (These are the lastest):
@Buster wrote:These Pips are free for the taking! Eon: Online will be a making a new one of these every other day!

    Pips name : Racing
    Author : Buster
    Language : English
    Compatibility : Anything

Here are the "Racing" Pips

This pack can be downloaded at: www.freewebs.com/eononline/pips/racing.zip
Enjoy! :yay:

To view them all you can click here: https://help.forumotion.com/Miscellaneous-c2/Design-for-forums-Self-service-f6/Gallery-f9/Pips-By-Eon-Online-World-Ranks-t2412.htm

And finally Eon: Online has shared their wallpapers:

If you want these at a useable size click here: https://help.forumotion.com/Miscellaneous-c2/Design-for-forums-Self-service-f6/Gallery-f9/Wallpapers-by-Eon-Online-World-t2415.htm

This will now be updated weekly!

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Re: Eon: Online World; Forums

Post by SLGray on Sun 23 Apr 2017 - 16:20

Here is the correct link to the forum: http://eononlineworld.editboard.com/forum.

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