Why should I choose a domain name for my forum? and how?

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Why should I choose a domain name for my forum? and how? Empty Why should I choose a domain name for my forum? and how?

Post by Luky July 23rd 2008, 12:10 am

Why should I choose a domain name for my forum? and how?

This tutorial will explain the advantages of a domain name and the method of purchase directly from your Administration Panel.

1. Why should I choose a domain name for my forum?

A forum, like any other website is defined by its Internet address (or URL). A Forumotion forum generally has an address like:

This address is obtained after creating your forum?

Such an address is quite difficult to remember, an address such as:
is preferable.
Indeed, a forum with its own domain name, is much easier to remember. For example, a visitor will more easily remember a forum whose address is simple rather then remembering a forum whose address is complicated.
Not to mention the personalized e-mail address with the name of your forum that you can have and the touch of professionalism and credibility that it gives your forum .

2. How can I get a domain name?

Nothing is easier than to acquire a domain name with Forumotion! We'll spare all procedures configuration aliases, DNS, FTP ... etc. you have nothing else to do but order your domain name. We will handle the rest, including it's maintenance .

To order a domain name for your forum, you must first acquire the 1600 credits needed for this transaction (you can do so via administration panel=>Misc=>Credits Management=> Buy credits)
Once you have the 1600 credits simply go to administration panel=>Misc=>Credits management=>Spend credits and click on the Domain name button.

You must then verify the availability of domain name you've chosen! Two cases may then arise:

Note:You can only choose your domain name from one of the 4 proposed extensions:
.com / .net / .org / .biz

A. the domain name you've chosen is already taken: it means that someone else has already bought the same domain name and you can not buy it. In this case, we advise you, either try the same domain name but with the remaining 3 other extensions, or simply change the domain name!

B. the domain name you choose is available: it means that the field you have chosen seems free. So you can buy for your forum.

Exclamation Note: It is essential to choose the simplest domain name possible. It must be chosen wisely avoiding names that are too long (a good domain name never exceeds 10 characters. Remember that you have a maximum of 25 characters just in case!)

In this case, and if you are sure of your choice, confirm your request via the filling of the form to reserve the domain name (indeed, although you do not have access to the terminal panel of the domain name, domains purchased through Forumotion belong to you completely and you can ask at any time to recover them by a simple PM to an admin . For this reason, make sure the information is accurate).

Exclamation Attention: A domain name is reserved for one year. It is neither edited or changed throughout its validity! Skip this step, your order is registered and you can not cancel or change your domain name!

Once the form is completed and validated, you will get your confirmation.

You just have to wait for the activation of your domain name by Forumotion! This process can take up to 5 days. After the activation of your domain name, you will receive an email notification and your domain name will lead automatically to your forum

Idea If after a period of 5 days your domain is still not activated, (very rare but it can happen) check if you have not received an email from Forumotion explaining the reason for the delay. If no news, please open a topic on the support forum in the problems with my credits or my domain name forum and await the response of an admin.

I bought a domain from Forumotion and i don't want my members to use the old forum address!

After purchasing your domain name, you do not lose the address of origin. Indeed, your forum will keep on its initial http://www.my-forum-name.forumotion.com address and the new address http://www.mydomain.com

However, you can choose that all persons who access your forum via the old address,to be automatically redirected to your new domain name.

It's very simple, just go to your administration panel=>General=>Forum=>Forum address=>Personalized domain name=>Force forwarding url=> Yes.

In this case, when your members you visit the old address they will see your Personalized domain name in the address bar of there internet browser.


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