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Post by dan1992_101 July 24th 2008, 11:40 pm

Hi Everyone
its not often that i post on here but i am in great need to know the answer to this question!

ok i have assigned everyone with a avatar but i want to disable the avatar selection so they cant change it

any help will be greatly appreciated
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Avatars Empty Re: Avatars

Post by zakir321 July 25th 2008, 2:09 pm

I'm afraid this is not possible. A registered member will always be able to change his avatar in his profile settings.

There is, however, a chance to modify your template accordingly - if you have phpBB version 2 running on your board. Template editing requires usually credits to be purchased (500), but currently you can use it for free. Although, if the free period expires, you'd have to buy credits again to keep this feature enabled.

Go to "Display / Templates / Profile" and click on the "profile_add_body" link. Delete everything between <!-- BEGIN switch_avatar_block --> and <!-- END switch_avatar_block --> (you can use Ctrl+F to search).

Once save, click this icon Avatars New_window_black to preview - try to change your avatar, it should be deleted from your profile settings. Click this icon Avatars Ajouter to confirm the changes.
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