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Post by xxxVIPERxxx on August 23rd 2008, 4:38 pm

Forum: GamingOnline

Catagory: Games & RPG

Admin: DragonsFist

Mods: ISO

Purpose: Mmorpg Gaming Discussions & Guild Forum boards for Rohan and World of KungFu at present. More games added in the future.

Language: English


Arrow ChatBox Up
Arrow Mild Rep System
Arrow Mood Choices
Arrow Fancy Flags
Arrow Group Icons
Arrow Post Ranks
Arrow "InProcess" Posting Awards
Arrow Extending Mini Profiles
Arrow Time Zone Chart
Arrow MindViz Juke Box
Arrow ScreenShot Forum
Arrow Recruiting Awards
Arrow Donation Awards
Arrow More planned...

Comments: Board is fairly new, and I'm still working on some of the "AWARDS" and recruitment. It's hard to split time between game, family, and the forum. I do my best, so please don't be discouraged by the low post volume, nor the low member count. My previous forum with only 23 members, broke 500 posts in less than a month, so I beleive this board will take off after I get a better foot hold in game..

So please, come and become a member today. You will find good things happening, as I get things finished and promoted in game. Never know, you may even end up playing the game with me...

Hope to see you there....


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