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Header links, chose to have them be visible by all or memebrs only?

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Header links

Post by wraith on February 15th 2007, 6:02 pm

(I hope this is in the right place. If not please move it to the right space and sorry for any inconvenience.)

Here is my suggestion:

When adding a new link to the header to one of our own created pages, we should be given an option to have it visible to everyone (guests and members) or to have it visible to members only.

My reasoning:

The links in the header make the site look nice and tidy. To have links in a separate section of the forum can become messy and hard to find. It is also easier if you want quick and convinient access to pages that are important or crucial to your forum, but that you don't want non-members to have access to.

If you say no please let me know why.
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