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Post by Walshy95 on October 9th 2008, 10:56 pm

TheGenerationGaming Forums. (A next generation gaming forum)
Catergory: Games & RPG
Language: English

Staff: Administrator: Torres. I am currently looking for two Admins, four Moderators, four Design Squad members and some other group positions.

Other information: I created the forum yesterday and I am currently in the proccess of adding all of the forums. But in the meantime I'm just looking for two Administrators to help me run the site.
Please submit an application for a job if you join.
Also this is my second forumotion forum that I've ever made so I'm an experienced Admin so it'd be great if you was also experienced at being an Admin so you know what your doing. Don't worry if your not experienced, I'll promoted anyone that make an application and that I think you are ready.

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