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Post by army man October 20th 2008, 1:17 am

join my forum and advertise your site. join today and be given a chance to be a moderator. Very Happy
army man
army man
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Post by kirk October 20th 2008, 1:33 am

army man????
this is considered spam.

you can go over to their links page and post your forum
and add the info over there after you follow the rules on how to promote your forum.

no i'm not a mod. i just dont want you to get warnings for posting things on the wrong boards. since your new i dont think they will be that hard on you. but read all the rules stickies and announcements.. it will def give you a better understanding on what to post ware and much more. also be sure to put your forum in the forums directory. dont worry hang in there you'll get members, i know your excited to kick it off.

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Post by Guest October 20th 2008, 5:17 am

Standard Procedure for this is a warning, but due to this being your first offense, I will only issue you with a reminder.

You are asked to promote your forum in the Forum Promotion Section. You need to read the rules there to ensure you know how to set up a presentation.

=> Thread Locked
=> Member Warned

Have a nice day, sir.

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