A Woman's World

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Hope this isnt too much!

Post by jenniferlynn22 on October 28th 2008, 7:29 pm

1/ Choice of the category
Family & Society
2/ Choice of a title to introduce your forum
A Woman's World

3/ Mention the address

4/ Mention also the main language
English is the main language, Feel free to use a translator , and make it into what you need:-)

5/ The forums purpose
For women to come here and talk about what they would like when they would like without the discouragment of thinking a man will be there to read it, and make rude comments. A place where all women
can come and discuss their everyday life, and relate with others that may be going through the same , while making friends in the process.

On my forum you will see places like 1.Community (the lounge w/introductions, the social room w/random chat, and the gripe of the day(whatever seems to be bothering us at the time being)) 2.AWW Things (which stands for a woman's world things, like rules, updates, and etc ) 3.Discussions where you can talk about The World (& its happenings), The kitchen (what your cooking, and recipes), Shopping ( Your experiences, and sharing coupons goes here) 4. Life where you will find catagories like Pregnancy, Trying to Conceive, Loss of a loved one, and the Engaged, Married, or Single thread wher eyou just talk about your relation, and whats going on with it 5. Fun, fun , fun where you will find jokes of the day, board games that you play inside the forum, and a place to share your fav online games. Finally 6.Photoshop& Paint shop pro, where you can find tutorials, shares, and presents that was made for the members.

At this time I am the only admin, and there are no mods. Once the place takes off, I will issue mod permissions to the top contributors of the forums

Here are my screen shots of the statistics, catagories, and logo ( which is just simple for now :-)) Click to see the thumbnails bigger

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Re: A Woman's World

Post by Nessa on November 6th 2008, 3:14 am

Please do not post your forum statistics in your presentation, as it is against the rules. Wink

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Re: A Woman's World

Post by SLGray on June 14th 2018, 7:19 pm

Topic sent to the garbage.

When your topic has been solved, ensure you mark the topic solved.
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