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Habbo style

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Habbo style Empty Habbo style

Post by Ridder7 November 18th 2008, 8:48 pm


here are the elements to take into consideration for my command :
Nature of the creation : complete themes
Size of the creation : other
Animate the creation : no
Background color : #FFFFFF
Link(s) of the picture(s) :
Buttons BG: (green corners = transparent and it can be stretched to fit the text)
Choose images from this search please:
Icons to buttons etc:
Text to insert in the creation : no text
Link to your forum (Editboard only) : error, this parameter isn't filled
Extra comment(s) :
I hope you can use the font volter goldfish where the style has text like buttons etc. size of 7 points, colour #FFFFFF and please black outline if possible. download:

And if its possible to use norwegian language in buttons as translated here, thanks:
new topic: Nytt emne
post reply: Nytt svar
new topic, locked: Stengt
quote: Sitér
edit: Redigér
search: Søk
profile: Profil
www: Nettside
email: E-post
PM: Melding
AIM, ICQ, MSN, SKYPE and YIM: Default text
online: Pålogget
PM inbox, new topic: Ny melding

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Habbo style Empty Re: Habbo style

Post by Demonspike November 18th 2008, 9:09 pm

Maybe if you replace the word COMMAND with REQUEST.....then you may find that you get more replies fom more willing to help people.

Just my suggestion, you can ignore it if you wish.


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Habbo style Empty Re: Habbo style

Post by Jalokim November 18th 2008, 11:06 pm

According to the new rules ... post 3 article 1 ... No longer do we accept full theme requests.
please use the hitskin service or locate a theming forum on forumotion or you can PM me for premium skin details.

thread locked.
Demonspike ... it is really nice that you are helping , but please do not moderate, and please do not use bold... i can handle my forums perfectly well.
Also if you are going to help then at least get the facts straight, full theme requests are disallowed

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