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Dark Realms

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Dark Realms Empty Dark Realms

Post by Demonspike November 25th 2008, 7:53 pm

Name: Dark Realms

Type of Forum: Fantasy RPG


Main Language: English

Staff: Demonspike, Alesra, Lady Snow

This Forum is for anyone who enjoys Dungeons and Dragons, Baldurs Gate and other such games of it's caste.
It combines elements of the roleplay world with the table top element, however it no longer needs a table, as you can play this from your computer at home in your spare time.
(No more losing pesky dice, or having to write eveything down about a character, which takes about an hour to fully fill out their form)

I am not going to try and wow you with my words or influence you, instead just take a chance and come and see it for yourself.

It's a simple, new and basic type of RPG, which has proven to be effective in keeping interest in the game itself, leaving me room to add advanced features later on. The lack of complexity and still being able to maintain good quality of the game is what makes it worth playing.

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Dark Realms Empty Re: Dark Realms

Post by SLGray June 6th 2018, 5:10 am

Topic sent to the garbage.

Dark Realms Slgray10

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