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Post by durfdo on January 10th 2009, 10:43 pm


PROPOSAL TITLE: Ratio Games Forums

ADDRESS: http://ratio-games.forumotion.net/forum.htm



Hey, I'm durfdo! (my forum username is nintendogamr123) I'm here to talk about my forum, Ratio Games. My forum is based on my game development company, Ratio Games. (Not a licensed company) We develop games, but the forum is not only for discussing our projects, but mainly for discussing video games in general! Here's what we discuss:

Mario Series

Zelda Series

Kirby Series

Sonic The Hedgehog Series

Dylan's Adventures Series (My own franchise)

Nintendo Wifi Connection

Nintendo DS

Nintendo Wii

Xbox & Playstation

Retro Games (Retro corner)

Fantasy Games (Games you wish developers would make)

We also have general discussons and fan content boards.

One of the most important features of our site is Nancy. Nancy is an animated talking voki character we designed to inform you of what's new on our site. Just click her play button, and she'll speak. If Nancy gets popular, I may add more voki characters.

We've got a gallery, where you can upload photos and other images.

We've also got two new additions. Two multiplayer games have been added: Chess and Checkers. this will help members to bond.

We've got a chat box to help further discussion of video games.

We've only got one admin. Me. We need admins and mods, and you may apply!

Our site is a clean safe environment for video game discussion. Our somewhat strict rules help ensure a safe healthy forum 24/7. If you are having trouble with other members, Contact ME and I will deal with them PERSONALLY.

Here's a screenshot, giving you a basic idea of the color scheme, so you'll know what to expect.

That's all folks!

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