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Personalized profile question (& message Q)

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Personalized profile question (& message Q) Empty Personalized profile question (& message Q)

Post by Kendra January 18th 2009, 3:14 am

SRY i totally posted this in the wrong section by accident, i was browsing questions to help answer my question before i posted, and ended up posting a topic in the same forum as the question i browsed.
anyways heres my question

Im really having a hard time browsing through previous posts to answer my questions, there are so many topics related to my question, but none clearly answering it.

Im hoping someone can clearly help me through this, im not completely familiar with my forum yet, so i dont know what everything means.

ANYWAYS, is there a way to customize your profile? To add pictures, and "about me" and stuff?
And as for comments, ive seen some suggestion posts, im assuming you cant comment?

Also, when i get new messages, i dont believe (im not quite sure yet..) that i get an alert, i have to go into my inbox to check, and i dont think all of my members even realize there is an inbox so they arent getting my messages.
Thanks in advance.
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