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The Unstoppable Force

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The Unstoppable Force Empty Re: The Unstoppable Force

Post by darthstich January 25th 2009, 5:12 am

The Unstoppable Force

The Unstoppable Force 25tvw4i

Category: Art & Culture (It would fit better if there was a Movie/TV section, but Movies are considered art by some)


Language: English

Description: The Unstoppable Force is an unofficial Disney and Star Wars fan forum site geared at providing a fun, safe atmosphere for which fans of all ages can discuss the many films, theme parks, and other fun stuff about these two major franchises, and the many interconnections between them. A few things that are included within our site besides discussion on these subjects are a calendar, that is updated monthly with new (and usually strange) holidays, including Bring Your Teddy Bear to Work Day, and Cheese Pizza Day, a monthly Trivia Contest to test your skills on the two major subjects, plus several groups within the forum to discuss just about anything else that you may want to discuss.

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