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Area 51

Post by TigerHawkB on March 3rd 2009, 1:32 pm

Title: Area 51
Main language: English
Content/theme: The forum is for conspiracy theorists, ufologists and people interested in paranormal
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Area 51 Categories:

New member introduction
Staff profiles
UFO's sightings
Alien abductions
UFO Conspiracy Theories
Alien species
Area 51
Other UFO's discussions
Conspiracy Theories
New World Worder
Secret Societies
Death of Diana, Princess of Wales Conspiracy Theories
9/11 Conspiracy Theories
Big Brother
Paranormal vs Science
Disputed human abilities
Teleportation and The Philadelphia Experiment
Ghosts and Ghost Hunting
Near-death experience
Subliminal Messaging
UFO's, Paranormal and Conspiracy Theories in popular culture
Literature and music

Category: I don't think it does fit in any categories as it combines a few of them.Thus, I think it will be more suitable for Miscellaneous

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