Reputation system (Evaluation + "Thanks" button)

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Reputation system (Evaluation + "Thanks" button)

Post by Shadow on March 13th 2009, 11:51 am

Reputation system (Evaluation + "Thanks" button)

Reputation system (Evaluation + "Thanks" Button)


The reputation system, as you have noticed, is a sub part of the point system. It also works with points.
Reputation is composed of items related to evaluations by users and items related to the feature "Thank you".

How it works

First, it is necessary to enable it:

Modules -> Points and reputation -> Reputation

You also see the presence of other options :

- Enable the "Thank You" option : This option will display a button "thanks" in the topic that you started, and you can click it once by topic if you feel that the reply given by the member is the most relevant.

- "Reputation" field name : Allows you to change the name of the reputation system Smile
- Display this field in : Define if you want to display this field in the profiles, messages, or nowhere.
- Display this field for users that are at least : Define who can view this field, guests, members, only moderators or administrators.
- Default Value : Lets you define how many points each member begins its reputation with.
- Minimum messages before vote count : Define from how many messages you can start voting
- Minimum reputation before vote count : Allows you to define at what reputation you can start voting
- Delay between two votes by a user :Allows you to define a separation (in seconds) between 2 votes.

You can also set the number of points awarded for each vote, and the button "thanks", for each sections and categories of your forum. Very Happy
To do this, go to the "reputation management":

Depending on the importance of a particular category, you simply define a number of points.

Now let's see the result in a topic.

The user has a reputation of 0:

And his reputation goes to 1:

And if I don't like the message :

His reputation goes back to 0 :

"Thanks" button

Activation :

Check out also in your admin panel : Display > pics management > advanced mode > buttons > make sure you've got buttons for this functionality.


The user earns 3 points :

The thanked message, changes color, but for that to be effective, go to:

Display -> Colors -> Thanked message background color

That will give you:

Your turn Wink


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