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Colorize.... Empty Colorize....

Post by designersgr March 18th 2009, 9:15 pm

Thats the last questions i thnik... :wouhou: I have now understand how everythink works, but i still have problems, because i cant find how to colorize some fonts in my forum, in CSS (phpbb 3 version)

In forum, i colorized the titles of categories (white) but in portal still the same (gray) as it was... The same happens in the "Announcements"!!! you can't read anything because the headder background is Blue!!! Colorize.... Mouais

See the examples here...

Announcement Colorize.... Guish2
Colorize.... 2-2

Colorize.... 1-4

The titles of categories are already white! i want to do this to the Announcement too!!!
Colorize.... 3-2

The same here... in portal...
Colorize.... 4-2

The same here... In groups iformations... I don't know where to change the color!!!
Colorize.... Untitled-1-3
I want to change the color of posts text.... But i can't find where to do that!!! Colorize.... Mouais I tryed in CSS but maybe is something that i can't understand! Laughing Help me to change that!!!

Colorize.... 5-2

And finaly I want to add a forum pic in front of every forum, but i have this problem... is it possible to change?

A screen shop from another forum

Colorize.... Untitled-1-1

A screen shot from my forum

Colorize.... Untitled-2

The picture in my forum, is UNDER the title, but i want the titles go right like the screenshot from the 1st forum! Is it possible to change that?

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