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Multiple Colors, groups + normal

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Multiple Color Abilities?

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Multiple Colors, groups + normal Empty Multiple Colors, groups + normal

Post by Kol Vol May 9th 2007, 5:30 pm

I recently saw that you have to choose between the normal colored names and the group colored names however, Another forum I know allowed Colored names due to the...
Ranks and groups (these two must be seperated with numbers to decide which takes precidence).
They could also be adjusted to a specific person in user managment. There was also a special type of rank called 'who's online ranks', different from all the others that you could put a user in.
The defaut was tester (I used it in the second account I used to test the forum) And It worked very well! I made about 10 different ranks like these and they worked perfectly!

I also had the option to group user names by the colors instead of all together.
Kol Vol
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