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Analysis Rules; How To Submit A Review Request

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Important Analysis Rules; How To Submit A Review Request

Post by Caihlem April 27th 2009, 7:46 pm

Analysis Rules

Here you will be able to request an analysis of your forum according to the different criteria. Our team of analysts will try to reply as best as they can, and we ask you accept their comments and the time taken to provide them.

**Please Note** that you will need to make sure your forum has the requirements

=> Full Review- You will need 75 members at least 200 messages
=> Choose up to three area's from above at least 45 users with 200 messages

=> Choose up to two different areas from above at least 30 users with 200 messages
=> If you want one area to get reviewed you will need 15 users with 40 messages

=>You can request 2 reviews per month separated by 2 weeks after you requested a review.
=> All Reviews will need to have the right format or they will be refused on the spot.
=> If there isn't a reply such as a bump within 3 days of your request your request will be refused since you are not interested in are service. You may request again after its been a week.

=>All forum will need to be English as this forum is a English Support Forum.

=>You can only request a review if you're the owner, administrator or moderator of the forum you are requesting to be reviewed.

The different criteria

  • Graphics
  • Design/Layout
  • Language
  • General
  • Other

The first thing one notices when on a a web page are the graphics. Starting with the banner and the navigation menu. It is therefore favorable for a forum to have a reasonable design that also matches its theme. There's no point in having a flashy light design for a vampire forum for instance.

The design and layout give an impression of the site as a whole. If the categories are well placed or not make more of a difference then one would first think.
Design and Layout also takes into account several other variants such as the permission settings for instance. Permissions serve to choose who goes where and what stays private, hence a good use of these can thus enhance and/or simplify your forum management

Contrary to popular belief, a good use of language is a vital key. Whether it be in reality or in a virtual community.
SMS language or other variants are a prime example of a bad use of language and have a tenancy to be a 'push' factor within a virtual community.
The use of good language also involves the restrainement of certain words said to be vulgar. An interesting variant to check on the use of the censor option.

This aspect involves the forum as a whole.
This criteria involves certain aspects such as:
-The concordance of the site's theme and the graphical themes,
-The Staff as an undividual unit and in correlation with the members,
-The general ambiance within the virtual community amongst others things that the analyst seems worthy of mentioning

This criteria differs immensity between different forums. It englobes the specificity of each forum.
For example:
-In a graphics forum, it could envolve the graphics levels of the administration team and the eventual graphics team.
-In a RPG forum, it could involve the game play methods
This criteria also takes not of a certain degree of originality.

How to submit an Analysis Request?

Simply fill in the following form:
[b]Name of the Forum:[/b
[b]Area's you wish the reviewer to review:[/b]

If you also want to provide an account that the analyzer will be able to use, please provide it with its password within the hide tags or via PM to the reviewer that is doing your review.

In desired, fill in the different categories in which you'd like your forum to be analyzed in. If it's all, simply ask for a full analysis.

Have any questions please ask them in the Only Topic

We recommend you keep checking these rules once in awhile so just in case we change it.

Updated January 4th, 2010

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