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Agree with adding the News Article area

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Post by DarkDemon June 9th 2009, 06:51

I think you guys should have news article area's. Instead of us having to make a custom html page or linked to the forums. I would like it to look half way proffesional. That allows me to put in my news info/ pictures/ etc. Then allow people to comment under the article. From there I could make a small post, that says read full at the bottom of the link.

The way you guys have your news widget, sucks in my opinion. Because we only get 1 forum to go under, which isnt enough. Do it sorta like Joomla does, with a little more proffesional look to it.

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News Articles Empty Re: News Articles

Post by CharleX June 9th 2009, 08:08

This can all be done with HTML page management. I think you have a long way to go with mastering it. The commenting feature, the read full? It's all possible with HTML page management. Voted no. fufufu

Here's an example of the commenting thing. Jalokim has done it. See?

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Post by Walshy95 June 9th 2009, 18:58

I voted no too. That is what the HTML pages management is for. You need to learn it my fellow friend bounce
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Post by Jophy April 10th 2013, 19:33

News Articles Permis10 Suggestion Clean up

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News Articles Modera10Jophy

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