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Post by infamoush1tman on June 9th 2009, 3:24 am

1/ Catagory:Gaming & RPG

2/ A Gaming forum for the true gamer All games all the time. Made by managers for several gaming retailers.


4/ Language: English

5/ This forum is being built with the sole purpose of informing and entertaining the gamer in all of us. It includes video, pics, reviews, and previews for most if not all up and coming games. And as a manager my self for gamestop I will be holding contest to recieve things like free games, and accessories, shirts, and laniards, pre-order information and the free things you can get for reserving, and also raffels for exclusive demos, and maps. Once the forum has reached a populated state we will be sending out monthly newsletters and asking for good writers(for help with newsletters) and mods to promote the forum, also getting some personell opinions to games. I am personelly talking to several developer such as zipper, sucker punch, EA, and other to get some exclusive news( and hopefully demos rock ) I will be visiting with them soon in Vegas for our gamestop confrence. So welcome and enjoy.

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