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Site Recovery [Not the Owner]

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Site Recovery [Not the Owner] Empty Site Recovery [Not the Owner]

Post by Kaxi June 16th 2009, 12:43 am

Ok. I know about the recovery of a site by using the recovery tools if you're the original owner. But, I'm not the original owner of this site. The entire forum would like to get this forum back, but the owner does not remember nor has access to the appropriate information to use the backups to retrieve the forum.

The old forum's URL is this:

It is believed by many that the site was hacked, but new information has revealed that someone had access to an admin's e-mail address, and the admin panel was accessed. From there, the "hacker" got ahold of the owner's password and deleted the forum.

The forum now links to this site:

The old owner also cannot remember the old password to her old username, so she cannot log on to make the changes to prevent another catastrophe as such from happening again.

I know that it is possible, so would a staff member please restore the site?


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Site Recovery [Not the Owner] Empty Re: Site Recovery [Not the Owner]

Post by Sanket June 16th 2009, 4:42 pm


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