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Moroccans Together

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Moroccans Together Empty Re: Moroccans Together

Post by The-PaperBird June 17th 2009, 3:40 am

Forum Logo(resized)
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Forum name: Moroccans Together
(screencap of the forum home)
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Category: Society (family & society)

A forum for Moroccans all around the world, & from the Moroccans to all the world. the forum's first goal is socializing with all of them, even non-Moroccans who are somehow related or just interested are more than welcome.
There is of course dozens of forums about Morocco, but also there is no harm to try our's always good to try!
We're trying to be a lil bit special, as most of the forums we saw are either for certain category (music, software...etc) or dedicated only to certain Moroccans (living in Europe, English speaking...etc).
We also noticed a lot of groups & messed up/tied discussions in social sites like Myspace & Facebook , & so we thought to gather people from those sites too.

Categories & forums: #category / - forum / *sub-forum

# Introduction & Information
- welcome: introduce yourself
- primary support & infos

# General Discussions
- tradition & culture
- religion
- travels & holidays
- schools & studies
- news stories & events
---*world news & events
- morocco on the web
---* youtube
---* yahoo answers

# Entertainment
- members zone
---* forum games
---* languages chat
- members talents & artworks
- music & other arts
- television & internet
- sports

# The Forum
- ideas & suggestions

Language: the main language is English.
However , & for more fun & for those who live in non-english speaking countries, there are topics for languages chat (as you saw above in forums & categories)
Moroccans Together Th_languagesscreencap

Admins & Mods: EL Moro (me), Hmed, GreenStar.

Statistics: by now (June 17th,2009) the forum is only aged one week, we got 8 members & more than 100 posts <--- fair enough i think.

Thank You for your time, & if you're interested you're welcome anytime.

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Moroccans Together Empty Re: Moroccans Together

Post by Black star December 8th 2009, 10:06 pm

Best wishes
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Moroccans Together Empty amv converter

Post by hebelida April 12th 2010, 12:04 pm

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