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Image verification [ register button issue ]

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Image verification [ register button issue ] Empty Image verification [ register button issue ]

Post by Rhow June 19th 2009, 8:19 pm

hi guyz,
i previously added image verification 2 my site
and came across 2 register buttons
i did all i cud to get rid of the original register button

at last i surfed forum for this isssue and it suggested
dat we create an img 1 x 1 px in size as the colour of back gorund
and save it as an url by uploading it

Problem wid this method :

If my site is
Just by adding "/"
Which means ""
which will take u to the original registration page

and i think
spam bots can detect the link
though due to small in size we cannot see the button

Couldn't we add image verification and registration on same page?
Like " recaptcha? "

it is perfect prevention from spammers
but verification is not so reliable


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