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Desert Warriors

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Desert Warriors Empty Desert Warriors

Post by Dipsy Tail Bonder June 24th 2009, 11:51 am

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Desert Warriors Desert12

2/ Desert Warriors RPG


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5/ Desert Warriors RPG is a roleplaying site about meerkats. Life is a struggle in the Kalahari. Because of this, the wild meerkat live in mobs. Each group works together to survive the harsh surrondings, sharing their land with other animals, but defending it to the death from other meerkats.
There are seven mobs in Desert Warriors:
The Little Clouds. (Dominant Female, Morning Glory. Dominant Male, Nimbus/Stratus)
The Twilights. (Dominant Female, open. Dominant Male, open)
The Blizzards. (Dominant Female, Enigma. Dominant Male, Snowstorm)
The Devils. (Dominant Female, Juamba. Dominant Male, open)
The Willows. (Dominant Female, Buckeye. Dominant Male, Keeko)
The Twizzlers. (Dominant Female, open. Dominant Male, open)
And The Zippers. (Dominant Female, Running Star. Dominant Male, open)
Would you survive in the desert?
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