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Post by VL_Fusion on July 16th 2009, 9:28 pm

Category: Games & Activities
Title: RPG Kingdom
Administrator: Zach@RPGKingdom (VL_Fusion on here)
Registered Users as of 2009-07-09: 2
User groups: Administrators, Moderators
Rules Enforced: Just no rude jokes.. words.. the basic rules.
Normal Guests: dont know what you mean, bot? google

Address: http://rpgkingdom.forumotion.com

Main Language: English

Description: Come to this site to enjoy general discussion and mainly enjoying the RPG section!

We got:
2 members (both mods)
no banner/logo yet
RPG Section

Posts : 178
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Language : english
Location : RPG Kingdom -- RPGKingdom.Forumotion.Com


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