How To Make a Badge/Award System: Tutorial

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Solved How To Make a Badge/Award System: Tutorial

Post by forumike on July 23rd 2009, 8:33 pm

Many people on this forum have been asking for a badge/award system with which they can award users badges for completing certain tasks like competitions, or being a member of staff.

My forum is a Habbo Hotel fansite forum, so for my badges, I used Habbo Hotel Badges. I've only completed four so far, but I'm almost there. Below is what a user's information looks like.

How To Make a Badge/Award System: Tutorial BadgeHelp

I set the settings so that only administrators can award users badges. The badges are the little icons below all of the text and above the profile, PM, e-mail etc buttons.

Here's how you do it:

How To Make a Badge/Award System: Tutorial BadgeHelp2

1.Go to the admin panel
2.Select "Users and Groups"
3.Select "Profiles"
4.Create a new field:
Type: Images List
Name: [name of badge]
Obligatory: No
Display type: Icon
Modifiable by: Not members, you can choose whether moderators can or not.
Display for: Members
Separator: No choice
5.Scroll down to where it says images list
6.Using photobucket, tinypic, etc, upload your image and paste in the direct link.
7.Paste the direct link into the box, and make the alternate text the type of badge. ie: admin, moderator, competition winner, etc.
8.To give a member the award, go to their profile, look for where it says the name of the badge and then a hyphen. ie: Admin:, Moderator:, etc.
9.Edit the field and fill in the bubble next to the badge.

Note: The badge will not be visible on a profile or message until you go to the profile and select the bubble, so it won't look bad if you don't have any badges.

*Also remember that it may not look as good if you put it at the top of the order, so if you prefer, move it down the list to the bottom. It sounds like a lot, but it's very simple.

If you have questions I'd be glad to answer them.

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Solved Re: How To Make a Badge/Award System: Tutorial

Post by Caihlem on July 23rd 2009, 9:38 pm


There is already an Only-Topic for tutorials if you'd want to submit any. IT's located in the Suggestions for the Support Forum.

In any case, this tutorial would have been refused; not enough synthax and too much of a direct use of an already-present mod. I think there's even a tutorial already present concerning this issue Wink

As such, I'll be locking this thread

P.S; This is your first post, how do you know what members are asking for here? What the fuck ?!?

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