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Picture Appearance On Forum Rollover

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Tutorial Picture Appearance On Forum Rollover

Post by Cman August 1st 2009, 8:47 am

Picture Appearance On Forum Rollover

Picture Appearance On Forum Rollover

When a user puts his/her mouse over the forum, you can set an image to appear on the bottom right of the forum.

The First Step
Go to: ACP > Display > Colors > CSS Stylesheet
Make sure to have advanced mode on.

Now that you are there...add this to the stylesheet:
.forumline .row1.over:hover {background:url('URL FOR IMAGE') right bottom no-repeat;}
Replace "URL FOR IMAGE" with the url of the image.

The Second Step
If you have a highlight color or not you still need to add this code too:
.forumline .row1.over:hover {
background-color : white;
Replace COLOR with the highlight color name or code. If you don't want a highlight color, just put in the color of the forum (to make the highlight invisible). ACP > Display > Colors <= somewhere in there is the color of your forum.

There you go. Finished! You now have your rollover picture!

I would save this code or add this page to your bookmarks.


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