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Final Fantasy MSL

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Inspired by Final Fantasy titles, now comes the latest in MSL RPGs. If you're down with Final Fantasy and you love text based forum RPGs. This is the site to be. We guarantee to you that we're nothing short of amazing.

Keep in mind that the RPG doesn't start until October, 2011. So you can't register yet. But you can visit the site to learn about Final Fantasy MSL.

Description: Setting
New!! Final Fantasy MSL Role Playing Forums FFMSLworldmap
The RPG is set within the world of Solaris. It is composed of the following continents: Shiva, Ifrit, Odin, Alexander, Fenrir, Bahamut, and Eden; each continent has its own set of unique areas and memorizing cities. The story’s primary focus is the Bahamut and Fenrir Continent, both located on the east.

The entire Bahamut continent is united under the governance of the Arcana, a form of central government that holds supreme executive, legislative, and judicial power. It also maintains directive authority over the military. The Arcana is under the control of Godbard Leafend, voted by the people of Bahamut his intentions are pure and he will do anything to protect Bahamut from invading armies. The Arcana also extends to some parts of the Shiva and Alexander continents.

Fenrir is a massive continent located north of Bahamut. Its capital city is Cid and unlike Bahamut, Fenrir isn’t ruled by the Arcana.

The Arcana

The Arcana as a religion-
As a religion. The Arcana has a striking influence over the people. Becoming a follower of the Arcana is defined to be one of life’s most profound and joyous experiences. Some are blessed enough to receive this great gift while they are infants, and, over time, they recognize the enormous grace that has been bestowed on them. Others enter the Arcana fold when they are older children or adults. This tract examines the joyful process by which one becomes a follower of the Arcana.

The Arcana worships only one God, Maja, the almighty creator and divine mother to us all. According to those who've claimed to have seen her, she appears in the form of a beautiful woman with light clothing, a glowing goddess with long flowing hair. They say she sometimes appears to a chosen few, including the Arcana Leader, and gives them a path on which they should follow.

Religion in general is a collection of cultural systems, belief systems, and worldviews that establishes symbols that relate humanity to spirituality and moral values.

By another definition, religion is an attempt by humans to establish contact with a perceived higher power and they do this for protection, but also due to a certain degree of fear.

Many religions have narratives, symbols, traditions and sacred histories that are intended to give meaning to life or to explain the origin of life or the universe. They tend to derive morality, ethics, religious laws or a preferred lifestyle from their ideas about the cosmos and human nature.
New!! Final Fantasy MSL Role Playing Forums Maja

The Arcana as a government-
The Arcana doesn't directly function as a government. They only influence the decisions made by government officials all across the globe. One example would be the conversion of Mabantola. The City of Mabantola is governed by a follower of the Arcana, he slowly converted the people in this city to become one with the Arcana.

The Resistance
The Resistance is a band of people that antagonize the idea of worshiping the Goddess Maja and the Arcana. They are people who stand by their own beliefs and would bow only to their own religions.

For centuries the Arcana has been trying to bring peace to the world by uniting Solaris under one rule and one religion. They are not barbarians who use force to conquer one nation after another. The Arcana uses the influence of religion and the promise of peace under a unified world to persuade their followers. The Arcana's aim is to bring all humanity together, to unite all no matter how different, to bring about peace and prosperity all through out.

Some countries however, do not believe in this peace and the teachings the Arcana are promulgating, and see the Arcana's promises as a another method to subjugate Solaris and its people. Majority of the Fenrir continent and its inhabitants have an antagonistic view of the Arcana. They believe that the Arcana's true aim is to enslave everyone. Some hundred years ago the Anti-Arcana civilians banded together to form the Resistance. They branded the Arcana as demons, spreading false gospels and tricking people into slavery.

Following the rise of the Resistance, they have subsequently dealt devastating blows to the Arcana. Desecrating their temples, and executing anyone who belongs to the Arcana. The 4th Arcana ruler responded by creating a military division; one to protect the people of the Arcana, the SENTINEL CORPS; and another division of special forces who's objective is to counter the Resistance's terrorist attacks, the PEACEMAKERS.

The Battle of Solus, which happened only a 5 years before the start of the RPG, was the first major and defining triumph of the Resistance against the Arcana. Solus is an Arcanian city, located on a island east of the Deep city. It had only a hand full of warriors and defenders. The Resistance organized and executed an assault on the city. They killed and murdered everyone. The entire City of Solus was purge overnight. The Arcana Peacemakers were too late to respond to the threat. When they arrived at Solus, everyone save for enemy was dead. Filled with rage and anger, the Peacemakers' commander ordered that all Resistance members on Solus be eliminated. He had his men charge in blindly into a Resistance trap. The Peacemaker division sent to Solus was wiped out and their Commander had gone missing, presumed to be dead.

At present time. Contrary to the Arcana’s previous philosophy of the no use of force to persuade anyone into joining the Arcana; Godbard, the 13th voted leader of the Arcana, issued an order to subdue and place Lacour, the last remaining “Free City” in the Bahamut Continent, under Arcana rule. Being a free city, Lacour could be harboring Resistance members. Godbard believes that in order to attain peace, sometimes blood must be spilled.

Class and Sub-Class
Classes are more of guides to keep track of stats. You can call yourself whatever you want in the game. For example, I could choose to be a Warrior and call myself a Samurai. Also there is no weapon type restriction. For example, you can choose to use a gun no matter what class you choose.

There are 4 main classes: Warrior, Mage, Rogue, and Cleric. And 4 sub-classes: Support, Reaper, Blood Mage, and Vanguard. Each class unlocks its own unique set of abilities and commands. Once you’ve chosen a path there is no other way to go but forward. Using CP, the character can level up his class and unlock new abilities or commands. At the end of each class is a choice, either to continue your current path or shift into another. Each class has a requirement that must be met before shifting into it. All the abilities and commands you attain will be permanent and usable no matter what path you are currently undertaking.

Summon plays a new role in Final Fantasy MSL. A Summon starts off as a spirit which has long been gone or a previous living being that has passed away; they become an Apparition once materialized by a Fabula Nova Crystal. They no longer posses the cognitive ability to make decisions for themselves, however, once materialized they become very violent and will most likely attack anyone they encounter. A character must defeat the Apparition in order for it to become his/her summon. Once a character has obtained a Summon, he/she will unlock a different set of skill tree aside from the class/path he/she already has. Furthermore the summon will transform into a weapon, usable by the character.

Fabula Nova Crystals are very rare in the world of Solaris. Its power attracts large and powerful monsters as well as evil spirits. It’s almost impossible to find one but if one is vigilant enough and has an taste for danger, he/she is sure get his/her hands on one.

You can only have one Summon. Your life force will be entwined with your summon through the powers of the Fabula Nova Crystal.

Monsters and Other encounters
They can be found all over the world of Final Fantasy MSL. Some are wild and violent, while others are domesticated and are treated as pets. They thrive outside the cities and other human inhabited areas; in places untouched and undisturbed by technology and modernization. It is rumored that that bigger and stronger the monsters get, the closer you get to a location with a Fabula Nova Crystal.

RP Area
The RPG focuses on the Fenrir and Bahamut continents only, for the meantime. The Northern continent is Fenrir, the Southern one is Bahamut. The orange dots
represents the major cities in each continent.

New!! Final Fantasy MSL Role Playing Forums RParea

A full description of each area can be viewed at the forums.
New!! Final Fantasy MSL Role Playing Forums Teaserloc

The Battle System
FINAL FANTASY MSL Battle System v.1.0.0

Let me guide you Using php in posts is called being a smart [Language]... Stop it through the works of the Final
Fantasy MSL battle system.

The system comprises of:

Two simple functions Action and Reaction.

Three phases Setup phase, Turn Phase, and Reaction phase.

And many more little things ^^.


Don’t just stand there doing nothing in battle. Attack, defend, cast a spell, or whatever. You can only do certain number of actions on a single post, your ACTIONS stat will determine this and the also the command you’ve chosen. Normally everyone starts out with (3) Actions in one post. Commands range at the cost of a minimum of (1) action to a maximum of (6) actions. As you choose a command, your actions for that post will decrease. This will be explained further below.


When someone targets your with a command, technique or item, you have to post a reaction post. And update of what happened after the said command/technique/item was used on you. This is your duty, don’t rely on the admins and moderators to do this for you.


Setup Phase: Your entry post before a battle starts. Basically you just have to copy and paste your character’s stats. Things like Affinity, HP, STR, MAG, Equipped Weapons and Accessories, Battle consumable Items carried, and a link to your character skill tree. You don’t have to post your character’s class and skills learned, because it’ll all be in your link.

Turn Phase: Your character’s turn phase. This occurs after all players including your opponents have posted their Setup Phase. You choose to act by selecting the commands available to you, or choose to select an item, or choose to execute a technique, or choose to escape. In short this is when you unleash hell on your opponent or aid a party member.

Reaction Phase:
This phase normally occurs when you’re being attacked or sometimes when being dealt a command, or technique. There is one command that will available for all classes, “DEFEND”, When being attacked, you can react by either taking damage, Defending, or choosing a command that can be used during Reaction Phase. In short this is your response post when someone attacks you.


HP: Health points it increases with the aid of abilities learned from leveling your class; or with the aid of items and accessories.

Action: This stat determines the amount of commands you can use during a post/your turn phase. Normally everyone starts with (3) Actions. Commands
ranges from 1 to 6 action cost. Using an “ITEM”,”ESCAPE” and “TECHNIQUE” will consume all your actions available in one turn. For example, “ATTACK” command costs (1)action. With (3) Action stat you can perform (3) “ATTACKS” in one turn.

STR: Strength stat, determines mostly your physical damage.

MAG: Magic stat,determines mostly your magical damage or heal or effect.

ACC: Accessory stat, determines the number of accessories you can equip.

Commands: You will start off with the following commands even before choosing a class.”ITEM”, “ESCAPE”. The other commands like, “ATTACT”,“CAST”,” CURE”, etc…, you’ll pick up when you choose a class and improve on that class. For example: when you choose to be a warrior or rogue, the command “ATTACK” will be unlocked for you. Upon choosing the path of a mage the command “CAST” will be unlocked for you; this allows you to cast a level 1 spell based on your affinity. For Clerics, the command “CURE” will be unlocked.

Other commands can be unlocked upon increasing your class level and shifting from one class to the other. Commands will be explained further in the abilities section.

Abilities: These are passive bonuses gained from leveling your Class. “HP: , STR: , MAG: ” for example is a passive and permanent ability. Their effect is automatic and constant except of course when you’re fainted or dead.

Calculating Damage and Effect

Damage Physical Calculator: For Physical Abilities/Commands like “ATTACK” and “FLASH”, and
others. You can get their damage by simply adding Weapon ATK PWRattack power) with Ability/Command ATK PWR, and then you add in your STR (strength stat). Sometimes you can add more given you have an Accessory or ability that enables you to do so.

Damage Magical Calculator or Heal Effect: For Magical Abilities/Commands like “CAST” and “CURE”,and others. You can get their damage or heal effect by simply adding Weapon MAG PWR (magical power) with Command ATK/Effect PWR, and then you add in your MAG (Magic stat)

Calculating Buff and Debuff Effect: Buffs will like, “BRAVE” and “FAITH” will increase your damage be it physical or magical. Debuffs will more likely make you more fragile and susceptible to damage to either physical or magical type. These commands can last for certain turn phases (yours and your enemies). Their effect usually comes in percentage. For example, Brave will increase your physical power by 25%. So if your total physical damage should be around 100, with Brave buff it becomes 125 for a limited amount of time. Effects of buff and debuff will be removed when the battle ends.

The "DEFEND" command can only be used during your reaction phase. You can choose to defend incoming damage with no required Action cost to reduce it by 40%. Defending however takes a toll on your weapon's durability. The higher the Action cost used by the Attack, the same amount of Durability will be taken from your weapon.

-Isshin, Admin
Moderators Vacancy ^^

Theme: Post by Post Forum RPG. A world filled with action, romance, mature, comedym and of course FANTASY!

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Set for October 2011 ^^ See you there.

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