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HTML coding

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HTML coding Empty HTML coding

Post by ksl-streams August 13th 2009, 9:32 pm

Hi, i have looked at several sites and they have like a stream page made via HTML, i have made an HTML page that i could insert, however what i cant figure out is
on the HMTL page they would have a table, on one side would be the stream for E.G a slide show or home movie of an event or something, on the other side they would have a chat box. im assuming its two seperate tables for this to happen. However above the table or tables they have buttons to change the stream E.G stream 1 would be a home movie stream 2 would be a slide show sream 3 would be something like them playing on a playstation (i believe these streams are embedded codes). When u click on the stream you want only the one table refreshes and the stream changes rather than the whole page changing.

so my question is how exactly do i do that?

Any help is appreciated

if you know of another thread thats been solved please let me know and link me

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HTML coding Empty Re: HTML coding

Post by Etana August 14th 2009, 8:42 pm


It's surely done with javascript.

You have the link of the page ?


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