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Rank Logo Request & Userbar Request

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Rank Logo Request & Userbar Request Empty Rank Logo Request & Userbar Request

Post by darkmik07 August 29th 2009, 2:04 am

Rank Logo:

Nature of the creation : Ranks
Creation size (in pixels) : any size but normal
With or without animation : it is up to the designer but i prefer without animation
Background color : which looks good with the theme or with the colors of the ranks
Picture(s) link(s) : i don't have picture it is up to you if you use picture or effects
Text to insert : there are 7 ranks buttons ::
GFX Team <- Yellow Green
Guard <- Grey
Level 2 Guard <- Grey Blackish
Level 3 Guard <- Black
Link to the font to download : you can use any font
Font color : it depends on how you make the ranks just make it clean so it is visible
Link of my forumotion forum :
Extra comments : Good luck and make it brilliant and thanks


Nature of creation: userbar
creation size: normal size of userbars like here on the staff members
with or without animation?: with animation
background color: Green and Black
pictures/links: just put any pictures about hacks.
font color: Grey
extra comments: just a userbar that has a word(Gamerz Revealed) positioned in the Right that has big bold letters(white letters)

Forum Link:

sorry to not follow the format because i'm only using wi fii not my pc

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