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The Online Physics Club

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The Online Physics Club Empty Re: The Online Physics Club

Post by vhbelvadi September 7th 2009, 1:05 pm

1. Category: Sciences & Knowledge
2. Title: The Online Physics Club
3. Address:
4. Main language: English
5. Description:
The Online Physics Club is an absolutely free, purely online club entirely dedicated to Physics; from A to Z. Whether you're a Physicist, an aspirant Physicist, or an admirer of Physics, just hop into TOPC and discuss Physics - the truth about the universe!
TOPC is the most promising platform on-line, for physics enthusiasts all over the world to come together, share their thoughts, discuss Physics (and Mathematics) submit write-ups, request comments for their articles, and the list is unending.

The main aims of TOPC – and its members – are as follows:

*Spread the knowledge of, and liking towards Physics among all people – all over the world.
*Make physics easy to understand by explaining it in the common man's language, so as to prevent its being perceived as complex.
*Write articles and publish it to support the above two aims.
*Discuss Physics (and Mathematics, where necessary) so as to aid in improving our knowledge of the same.
*Question TOPC members, answer questions. Ask for others' opinions and comments, and give your own opinions and comments.
*Conduct group researches with the aim of improving members' knowledge about the subject in question.
*Review and recommend related books.
*Help its members in all possible ways.

[The Online Physics Club has just started and is therefore not very active - but someone has to kick-start everything, right?
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