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RF Online Warrior Levelup Guide

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RF Online Warrior Levelup Guide Empty RF Online Warrior Levelup Guide

Post by wily September 22nd 2009, 9:59 am

Here are the worrior leveling guides for our RF Online new players , very useful for your reference , have a look !
Warrior is known for high defense and high HP. During war, warriors are the first choice to fight in front. When grouping, warriors always block monsters? attack in front, so that spiritualists and rangers can attack and cast spells from behind. Particularly when warriors are equipped with shield, the “Block? which appears in some instances can perfectly defend the opponent’s attack
Level 1-10
For level 1 to 3, you’ll level fast. Do the first beginner’s quest! Fight Young Flem and Flem near HQ. If there are enough monsters to fight, you’ll move to level 3 in ten minutes. Fight DeserKlan to move to level 4. Fighting DeserKlan will earn you much higher XP than fighting Flem. Upon level 4, you can wear RF Online Gold level 4 set. Buy some HP potions and go farther to fight Demolis and HeavyWing to level up. Watch out for those Klan guards who can help each other. Upon RF Online Gold level 7, you can change equipment, fight Lunker and do quest. It’s better to group with other players, so you’ll soon move to level 10.
Note: If you solo play, it’s difficult for you to do quest before you wear RF Online Gold level 7 equipment. But if you group with other rf online gold players, you can do quest at level 4.
About PT: You don’t have to grind your PT hard. The PT gained from killing monsters is enough for you to wear level 10 equipment.
About earning RF Online Gold: There is a high rate for monsters to drop items and equipments, so one bag is not enough. You’d better try hard to buy 3 bags. Upon completing the second quest, you’ll obtain one more bag! You can save 20, 000 bulks!
Level 11-20
Your leveling speed decreases and monsters? attack increases. Better equip shield to increase defense and focus on doing quests. The quest rewards include equipment, experience, RF Online Gold and the most important, contribution points. Kill Ratmoth, Splinter and other monsters according to quest. Since those are quest monsters, there are a lot of players fighting around. You’d better party with other rf online gold players. The more party members, the better. It’s ok to level alone, but it will be slower for you to level up.
About PT: Equipment above level 10 requires more PT. Though you don’t have to train PT painstakingly, if you needs long rang PT, you’d better start training it now, otherwise, when your level becomes higher and higher, it’s impossible for you to train long range PT. Somebody may be wondering: why warrior trains long range PT? That’s because with that you can wear ranger equipment to increase moving speed, mana resistance and decrease spiritualist’s attack. It’s very useful when running off and PKing with spiritualist.
About earning RF Online Gold: Make RF Online Gold while leveling up. The money gained from selling dropped items will be enough for you to buy HP potions. If monsters drop some super powerful items, you’ll make a small fortune.
Level 21-30
Your leveling speed is still slow and you’ll find PT is so important. Characters, though at the same level, may have low attack or high attack, high defense and high HP or low defense and low HP. That’s because they have different PT. You must take both character’s level and PT into consideration to prepare well for the chip war.
The monsters? attack is comparatively high. If you don’t have super strong equipment, you’d better use shield. After all, HP potion will become more and more expensive.
About PT: You must train PT painstakingly. Fight those 5 dot monsters or above to train your defense PT and attack PT. Better equip your shield.
About earning RF Online Gold : Fewer items will drop and you’ll feel you are always lack of money. Mining is your only choice. 60-sec. ores are protected by guard towers. You can also mine 30-sec. ore, but make sure that your friends are protecting you. The best choice is to win chip war, so that you can mine 3-sec. ore and 5-sec. ore under the protection of Holy Stone Keeper.
Note: 3-sec. ore, 5-sec.ore, etc. refer to ore mining speed in a particular area, i.e. one ore every 3 seconds and one ore every 5 seconds.
About chip war: If your character is below 30 and hasn’t changed job yet, you’d better not to participate in the chip war. Train your PT and try hard to reach rf gold level 30 before joining the chip war.
It is offered by . Hope you enjoy yourself in this wonderful game.
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RF Online Warrior Levelup Guide Empty Re: RF Online Warrior Levelup Guide

Post by kirk September 22nd 2009, 12:03 pm

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