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CSS Coding

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CSS Coding Empty CSS Coding

Post by Lozu Mon Sep 28, 2009 2:50 am

<style type="text/css">
.blink {
font-size: 15px;
color: red;
display: inline;
Some one told me to add this to my CSS and make the text blinking, is that the right format of code for the CSS.
Dose this apply to whole document or I can add somewhere else and make only one text.

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CSS Coding Empty Re: CSS Coding

Post by Guest Mon Sep 28, 2009 3:31 am

No. That would just make your text red or whatever color you choose. It would not blink.

Second, that would only modify the text that is between two tags with their classes defined as "blink".
<p class="blink">This is modified text</p>
With the style you have above, would return:
This is modified text

If you want an easy way, look into animated GIFs:

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