Michael Jackson [Signiture] Needed!

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Michael Jackson [Signiture] Needed! Empty Michael Jackson [Signiture] Needed!

Post by Josiejane on September 29th 2009, 9:42 pm

Nature of the creation : Signiture.
Creation size (in pixels) : Umm... about well acctually im not sure you can pick.
With or without animation: Non please.
Background color : Red
Picture(s) link(s) : The picture of my avater you can find it on the first page of the images on google if you put in Michael Jackson.
Text to insert: Michael jackson 1958-2009 and then at the bottom a bit smaller writing than that can you put ' Josie Jane' with the apostrapees.
Link to font to download: Ummm... http://www.dafont.com/soolidium.font for the Michael Jackson 1958-2009 and http://www.dafont.com/champagne-limousines.font for the ' JosieJane' part.
Font colour: for the michael jackson bit i want it gold and kinda beveled or nearly glossy and for the ' Josiejane' part i want that white.
Link to my forumotion.com:[/colour] http://simplegs.forumotion.com

Extra comments: can you add as much detail as you can but not to much and its either black gold or white the extra detail and dont add the name of the make e.g made by e.smith.

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