Little Fighter Challenegs and Games

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Re: Little Fighter Challenegs and Games

Post by kevincentius on October 20th 2009, 12:34 pm

Title: Little Fighter Challenges and Games

Choice of Category: Games & RPG
Language: English
Forum's Purpose: This forum was created for everyone to have fun with the LF2 game by doing rated games, free games, and team battles.

Administrators: Kevin
Global Moderators: Bamboo
Moderators: TheLF2MasterLF2, Windynik
Tournament Hosters: Bamboo, Windynik

Individual Challenges: Rated Games, Free Games, Modified LF2
Team Challenges: Teams, Challenges
Little Fighter 2: Little Fighter 2, Data Changing, Spriting
Maintenance & Summary
Off Topic

We have 31 members right now, with a total of 620 messages

Why Join Us?
- You don't have to know LF2 to join this forum, you can just download it and get started in the LFCG. Soon you will learn many tricks and strategies!
- We have the most challenges compared to other LF2 websites
- We also have an RPG connected to LF2
- We keep updating the site with new features
- You can participate and create your own challenge, with any rules, using LF2 (not modified, will be detected)
- We have interesting variated rules and type of challenges: Home Tournaments, Tournament SR, Stage Challenges, and many other Free Games
- We have many good features: Reputation system, Levels system (raise your level in LFCG), Rating system (raise your rank by participating in RATED GAMES and getting enough Ratings)
- Cool theme, active moderators & admin, interesting forums discussions

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