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Re: The International Academy of Roleplaying

Post by mrmiffmiff on October 25th 2009, 7:14 am

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Title: The International Academy of Roleplaying


Overview: An update of the School of Roleplaying from the now deleted TrueRPG, also my website. This is going to be a bit more serious. It takes place at a private boarding school where students learn how to roleplay. If you have never roleplayed before or are a beginner, you become a student. Intermediate roleplayers can be staffers (Janitors, TA's, etc.). Advanced roleplayers can be a teacher. Expert roleplayers can take one of the four Admin positions (Headmaster/Headmistress, Vice Headmaster/Headmistress, Secretary, Treasurer). Headmaster and Vice Headmistress are already taken, so I guess that leave Secretary and Treasurer.

As of yet, these are the categories and forums we allow registered members who aren't mods or admins to see:

Out of Character:
Arrow Unrelated Chat
Arrow RP Chat

In Character:
Arrow Enrollments/Applications

I know it's not much yet, but anyway...

Some classes we will have are:
Character Backgrounds/Personalities/Descriptions
Character Development
Basic Roleplaying 101
Roleplaying Combat
and more...

We will also have electives, like:
Magic (as in fantasy magic)
and more...

Admins currently are Darian Rogue (me) and Sayomi.

Our goal is to start school next school year (okay, so the school years won't run exactly aligned, but whatever, it's an rp, time passes differently), so come on down and help fulfill that dream.

Oh, and some people, please become a Janitor, I have a special plot plotted for them (mehehe).

And I don't know if any mods saw, but I said in my TrueRPG topic to delete that topic, so just as a heads up in case you missed it (to repeat again).

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Re: The International Academy of Roleplaying

Post by SLGray on January 1st 2016, 10:06 pm

Since the link loads a different forum, we can assume that the forum was deleted.  Topic sent to the garbage.

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