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Whati is Team Building? Vietnam Team Building

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Whati is Team Building? Vietnam Team Building Empty Whati is Team Building? Vietnam Team Building

Post by meomeo2009 November 11th 2009, 8:33 am

There are many aspects to Team Building and definitions of Team Building. Here are some common definitions of Team-building.

1. Team Building is working together as a group toward a common goal.
2. Team Building is solving problems together.
3. Team Building is achieving desired results.
4. Team Building is working to meet the needs of the customer.
5. Team Building is striving to exceed customer expectations.
6. Team Building is having fun while working.
7. Team Building is celebrating success along the way.
8. Team Building is understanding your team members.
9. Team Building is having a clear team leader.
10. Team Building is having a clear purpose.
11. Team Building is having open and free discussion.
12. Team Building is each team member applying their strengths effectively.
13. Team Building is supporting each other on the way to a shared goal.
14. Team Building is working through conflict.
15. Team Building is all members having the ability to influence decisions.
16. Team Building is being kept informed of pertinent project information.
17. Team Building is a group of people who work well together.
18. Team Building is each member of the work team taking personal responsibility for their performance and quality.

Whati is Team Building? Vietnam Team Building Team

What Team Building is not

1. Team Building is not a group of people and one 'Star' doing all the work.
2. Team Building is hard when the leader just tells everyone what to do.
3. Team Building is strained when the team faces unrealistic deadlines.
4. Team Building is not just letting everyone have their own way.
5. Team Building is not always easy to achieve.
6. Team Building is not always the best way to work
7. Team Building is not about reaching consensus on every issue.
8. Team Building suffers when team members quit or are asked to leave.
9. Team Building is not fostered when team members are not recognized in some way for their contributions.

Team Building has been a vehicle for helping individuals work better together to accomplish important results for several years. It become popular in the 1960s and continues to be used with all sorts of team. Teams as diverse as executives of an international business group, managers of an urban settement house, and a across-functional team charetered to find alternative sources of fuel use team building to help achieve their goals.

More information about team building and team work which has in the site: Vietnam Team Building. Good day,
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