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HELP... 1st time forum guy

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HELP...  1st time forum guy Empty HELP... 1st time forum guy

Post by Coach_Turso July 16th 2007, 2:33 pm

I have made a forum for our football team and community. I want to know how to I get a ATTACHMENT thing for people who are posting or replying could attach files for others to see...

Any help would be appreciated and if Im making no sense, I could give you a website to look at if need be...

Thanks !
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HELP...  1st time forum guy Empty Re: HELP... 1st time forum guy

Post by xaphania July 16th 2007, 3:14 pm

Hello and welcome.

Because you are new, here are useful links where you can look for answers :

Arrow Frequently Asked Questions
Arrow List of the Frequently Asked Questions' topics
Arrow Tricks & Tips
Arrow List of the Tricks & Tips topics
Arrow The Search feature
Arrow The FAQ of

Moreover, if you don't find the answer for your question, don't hesitate to open a new topic since this section is made for this!

To answer your question:

Please change the title of your post to one that is related to your question.

Why we ask you to use explicit titles

I post this message to give some precision about this, because it seems that some people don't understand this rule.

The forum's search engine base its research on keywords found in topic titles.

When you do a research, do you use "help", "urgent", "problem", "SOS" or "question" as keywords to look for topics about your problem/question?

Certainly not! So this is why it is important to use titles related to your problem/question. Doing this makes the researches much easier for visitors who use the search engine to get an answer to their question.

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HELP...  1st time forum guy Empty Re: HELP... 1st time forum guy

Post by Caihlem July 16th 2007, 5:50 pm

Also, support is only in the forum labbeled Support Forum Wink

=> Lock

Edit Max--- : You forgot to lock the topic ^^"

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