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2012 The end of the world!

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2012 The end of the world! Empty 2012 The end of the world!

Post by Russel Crowe November 28th 2009, 11:15 pm

2012 The end of the world!

2012 The end of the world! Mundo

Eventually even the world in 2012?

12/08/2009. 31 Comments »
The Mayan calendar ends in 2012 and a strange series of terrifying events (collisions of meteors and planets with the Earth, estimates of many 'psychics' on the end of the world in 2012 and conservation problems of our planet as global warming) seem to be converging to talk about the destruction of humanity that year.
Our planet also appears to be suffering some symptoms of our occupation. According to some scientists are a kind of parasite to the planet and it will inevitably react against 'infection'.
Coincidentally the Mayan calendar that was used on top of that civilization would end in 2012. Is this a Mayan prophecy? Match it? The Mayan prophecy has already taken a large proportion of the Internet around the world by millions of people firmly believing that the world will end in 2012. The Mayan prophecy is selling many books and rendering many lectures, documentaries and DVDs around the globe. There are a multitude of different theories.
The reality is that the Mayan prophecy is the scientific point of view, only a myth. While they are the first civilization to dominate as well the notion of space and astrology, they would be able to predict the end of the world?
That does not mean that they expected the end of the world that day. "The Amerindian peoples were not only a linear conception of time, allowing an absolute end to think," said Eduardo Natalino dos Santos, professor of American history from pre-Hispanic USP. "Nowhere is said that the cycle we are living would be the last." Most scholars believe that, after reaching the final date, the schedule restarts. As for us, on Dec. 31 is succeeded by January 1, to them on 22.12.2012 correspond to days (Galileo)

Are you ready?

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Already stopped to think that the world might end in 2012, and could end today or in 10 years ...
But there is something much more important than that, would you be prepared?
Could be aware that took his life to the fullest and not leave anything behind?
More important than imagine the end of the world in 2012 is to make sure that
you are enjoying your life!
2012 The end of the world! 478952463_29b8343de3

Fonte: "[url=http://www.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The end of the world, may give an idea for all
us what will happen if he did not care for
of our planet!

The film was barely released in Brazil, and is already running through the whole web. Does the world end in 2012? Hopefully not. But if we continue this way, the world will be destroyed!

2012 The end of the world! 91498 2012 The end of the world! 91498

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2012 The end of the world! Icon_arrow Russel Crowe

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2012 The end of the world! Empty Re: 2012 The end of the world!

Post by MrMario November 28th 2009, 11:28 pm

Sorry but we are surly not going to talk about the world ending here in 2012. The world end when it wants to nothing to stop it. It could end tomorrow, right now or even a few years. I am sure that there is other places that talk about this. I will also have to give you a warning here for spam in the GD.

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