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how to add games?

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how to add games? Empty how to add games?

Post by tongette December 9th 2009, 10:47 pm

Hi, im wanting to add lots of games to my site, and also so each member can gain points from playing & can compete with the top ranks etc

please help me...

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how to add games? Empty Re: how to add games?

Post by bookworm12 December 9th 2009, 11:01 pm

I was wondering the same thing how to add games? Icon_razz
Thanks for asking this quetion

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how to add games? Empty Re: how to add games?

Post by Agenda December 9th 2009, 11:20 pm

Unfortunately, FM doesn't offer an Arcade at the moment. I believe its a feature several members have been pushing for though, so you never know when it may come around.

In the mean time, there are several other options to have games available on your forum. You can create multiple HTML pages that have embedded flash games on them, or (if you can find one) perhaps install a separate arcade with its own points system.

Of course, I'm sure there are other "experts" on this board with experience in using an Arcade system with FM boards. Wink

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how to add games? Empty Re: how to add games?

Post by Sanket December 10th 2009, 1:03 pm

Games cannot be added which could be in tandem with the points system of forumotion.

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how to add games? Empty Re: how to add games?

Post by kirk December 10th 2009, 8:57 pm

Sanket wrote:Games cannot be added which could be in tandem with the points system of forumotion.

As snket has just said there is no way to set this up on forumotion at this time.This is usually a module that has to be installed on paid forums.How ever there are some free games out there that will allow you members to add there names and will keep track of the scores on the game it self.. you would have to dig around the different free game sites to find these kinds of games.

but i am working on an arcade tutorial for forumotion forums.. once again this will not keep track of members scores.But you can check this out if you like.

Please keep in mind this was a ruff draft i have done last night.
Some of the wording may be a Lil off and i still have to go back and adjust a few things.So if you have any questions understanding anything just ask.. but along with the directions,previews and examples you should be able to undersatnd.

Three versions of creating an arcade for your forum.

When beginning to create your forums arcade the first thing to do it to make sure you forums html is enabled.

Admin panel>configuration>messages and emails.
Scroll down to always allow html select yes and hit save.
No go to your profile from the forms index and select profile preferences.
scroll down and also select always allow html and hit save.

Now you have your html enabled you are ready to start on your arcade.


A level one arcade is very simple. All you have to do is create a board/forum for the arcade and post the games a you wish into threads.You can allow members to post games as well. Basically it will just be a board where the games are posted and members can go through the post to try out what ever games you may have posted.

Now if you like.If there are certain games you like better then others you can add to an html page and a AECADE link in you navbar with image links leading to the post the games our in from you arcade board.
here is an example.Please click on the flashing arcade button in the nav link.

ok as you see i have image text leading to the games that are posted.
Of course when i created this page it was just done as a test and the appearance may be a Lil too flashy and over whelming for anyone viewing.. but you can create this how ever you wish. How ever we are going to skip this step on how to put together an html page like this for now. i will explain the level 2 arcade first then explain html page creation because they can be used for both methods.

Creating a level two arcade for your forum. Indexing

By creating a level 2 arcade you will be adding a few more options for your members to be able to navigator through all of the games and categories for the different games you would like to add.

Step one.
First create the board/forum on where you would like your arcade and set permissions as desired.Once You have your board you will then what to create some stickies for you games different categories.. Such as. Action/adventure,Sports,Casino,Classics, puzzles etc... You like you can also define another name for you stickies like i have done over here called Games index.
Admin panel>general>messages and emails configuration.
scroll down to define new name for stickies,type in what you want and hit save.
Note you do not have to do this.If you do all your stickies will be called what ever you name them.

Step Two Indexing.

Indexing can take a lil time to set up the prep work,But one the prep work of the indexing is complete basically half of the work is finished.By indexing you will be creating text or image links that will be leading to each categories,over all index or your home page.You will fist want to pen a new tab to co-inside with another tab opened in your arcade.

to begin you will open the board to your fist stickie in one of the tbasyou have open.
now clicking back to your other tab you will want to get the links for the stickies and add them in text or image link form.

example.i have


So i will begin by opening the stikie Action/adventure and clicking on the edit mode to start preping the post.You will now want to add any bbc codes that you may want to use for color,size or center.

here is an example code.
now to make things easyer to add your text links in i have gave the code some space so it more easeier to understand where everthing is being palced.
[center] [size=24][color=blue]

all of your content would go in here


So now you havethe basic bcc codes you may desire for your first index stickie you can now start creating the text links.
in you other tab you would want to begin with the home page. click on home page and copy the link from the address bar.So now you will do a text link like this.
Home page Index
my code
 [url=]Home page Index[/url]
and here is where you would place your content
 [url= Your link here ] And your text here [/url]

now remember this code is going to be placed in your first stickie
[url=]Home page Index[/url]


Now you would repeat this for every other stickie.So for instance you are starting the creation of the action stickie. and you have your fist link in there being the home page.
so now you would switch back to your other tab,and now go to sports. you will then create the sports text link the same way as the home text link and add to your action/adventure stickie. So you would repeat this until you have all of your text links in there. now of course since you are creating in the action/adventure stickie you do not need to add that link.
just like you will leave sports out of sports,casino out of casino etc.....

so once you complete your fist action stickie category you can copy the whole code to add to the other stickies and just remove the one it is and add the one you need.
this will save time instead of doing all of those steps for each stickie category.

Now i have good news Smile i have took the liberty to make a code for you all to place in your stickie categories. all you will have to do is add the links and the text.So this should make everthing a lil easier for you all.And remember you can change the color,size etc.. as you desire as well.

[center][size=24] [color=blue]

[url=Home link] tesxt here[/url]
[url=action link here] text here[/url]
[url=sports link here] text here[/url]
[url=Puzzles link here] text here[/url]
[url=Cansio link here] text here[/url]
[url=Classic link here] text here[/url]
[url=Arcade link here] text here[/url]
[url=overall index link here] text here[/url]

[/color] [/size][/center]

Step three adding the games.

OK now that you stickie categories are finished with the indexing you will copy the code with all of the text links to add to your post. for this code you want every link leading to the categories,home page and over all arcade index witch is your arcade board to start new post. so you will copy the code and start a new post. i found it is easy to just name the new post a number or letter,past the code submit then make as many more post as you want. the sole purpose is just to have the index in the post where the games are going to be. i usually will do like 20 post at a time.. but it's up to you.

OK now once you have all of your stickie categories finished you will then take the code with all of the links to place in a post on the arcade board.

so now you will need to find you game source.. you can google to find many different websites that offer free games for you blogs,websites,forums etc..Once you have a good source you then just copy the embed code and go back and edit it in to the post your previously have made.

I recommend that you add games from one category at a time. this will be easier to add to your stickie index instead of bouncing back and fourth. so you should add the games for one categories at a time.

so now you have the games you want for you categorie posted you will go over and edit the text link and image into the appropriate category.. as shown here

now you will just edit the text links to the games and the preview of the game if you choose to use one. or you can have them as imagelink if you just want the image?

this is easy to do. once again you will have two tabs open. one for the stickie catgire you are adding to, and the other to the arcade board to where the games are posted.
you just use you center tags and go down and make a list one at a time.

here is an example.

and my code.
[color=yellow]Return To[/color]

[url=]the professionals[/url]

[url=]Stick Arena[/url]

[url=]Doom Land[/url]

[url=]Mega Man Project X[/url]

[url=]Elite Corps Jungle[/url][/center]


So now you can add as many games as you wish to have. you would repeat the steps for adding to the different categories in your stickies and can set the arcades permissions as you see fit.If you have any question please feel free to ask.And remember it can be a little bit of work hooking up this way but is a good way to navigate through the different games and index.Also remember once the prep work is done the rest will pretty smooth.

So that it for these two versions.. are you ready for level three... lol

level three is realy upping things a lil bit more and my tutorial will not be available until after the holidays.. but once everthing is complete it will be added to this one as well.

thanx .

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